Bing Reveals A Clean, New Search Results Page Design

If you haven’t used Bing within the past day and a half then you probably haven’t noticed the new design change on the search results page. In order to

bing new design

“find the results you want faster” Bing is giving us a brief look at their one of many redesigns. The approach Bing has taken is a much cleaner, less

cluttered search result page that contains a more polished look even for internet marketing users. As you can see the new design has removed the left

sidebar that previously held related searches, search history, and narrow by region. However, these haven’t been removed completely. Related searches are now seen right above the pagination at the bottom of the page. You will find a separate list of related searches on the right-sidebar. The old navigation bar is also being replaced with minimalistic search icon bar that gives you a list of options starting with; web, images, videos, maps,
bing designshopping, health, local, and more.


What prompted this fresh design was “feedback” as Bing stated on their blog. Bing wants to make the entire page easier to read, scan, and an ultimately a better experience for the user. In doing so, Bing removed the “left rail” and minimized the header which creates a better consistency and accessibility when scanning the entire page after a search. This will also help contribute to fast page-load times and relevancy of each keyword search being made.

Bing also mentioned that they aren’t done changing things yet. They have started testing out new homepage designs which includes a bigger version of the current popular daily image. Currently the search engine optimization standards remain the same until we do a bit more investigation.

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