[Inc.com Video] The Benefits of Detail Orientation

Have you ever made a small mistake that cost you big time? Brandon Fishman, CEO and Brent Gleeson, CMO at Internet Marketing Inc. know this situation all too well. They explain in the video why details matter and how their small mistake cost them a million dollar deal.

Having a detail oriented skill set is a beneficial asset in the business world. It many times is the quality that turns a good idea into a profitable pursuit. Detail oriented individuals are usually list creators, checking their to-do’s off as they go, ensuring they don’t miss anything. They double check documents for spelling and punctuation and ask the right questions that allow for clarification and clear communication the first time. Companies value individuals that are detail oriented because they know the job will get done and it will get done right.

Lack of detail can be a deterrent for a potential company hire and could be the reason you don’t get an interview. If there is a spelling error on a resume it is one clear sign that the candidate may not be detail oriented. Concentrating on the details can make situations safer, plans go smoother, situations less stressful and shows an employer or client consistency. I am coining a new phrase – “Sweat the Small Stuff” – it will pay off in the long run.

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