The Benefits Of Celebrating With Your Employees

Recognizing employee accomplishments and celebrating company wins keeps employees morale up and turnover down. An employee’s motivation directly correlates to their quality of work and productivity.  Although motivation comes from within each of us, there are outside factors and incentives that can effect motivation levels.

Brandon Fishman, CEO and Brent Gleeson, CMO and co-founders of IMI understand the importance of recognizing their employees, taking time to celebrate company wins and planning fun company events. In the video, Brandon explains why it is important to him and the team to acknowledge what employees are doing well and reward them for doing so.

Last month, all IMI employees gathered in our main conference room to celebrate the win of a new client’s business. Everyone raised their glass and the employees involved were recognized for their achievement. IMI also has a company hike and BBQ planned for this month and next.

I know I speak for all employees at IMI when I say thank you to our leaders, Brandon and Brent for creating an amazing environment that is not only motivating and rewarding, but provides an opportunity for growth and innovation.

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