Be bigger and better than your competition

In the past few years there has been a wide variety of changes in the web development industry. This thanks to social networks and the web 2.0 look and feel of websites diffusing. So with all of these changes within the industry how do you keep track of the best practices and maximize conversions?

What can you do for your website to make sure that you are attracting new visitors? You need to make sure that you create a website for your users and for the search engines. It seems that there most web developers today focus on one or the other. Here are a few steps you should remember when designing or redesigning your website

1. Create a hybrid website: Integrate flash and HTML coding into the website. Purely flash websites are hard for the search engines and purely HTML websites are not always pleasing to the visitors eyes.

2. Content, content, content: Increasing the size of your website is imperative to obtaining high search engine results. Research your competitors what keywords and phrases are they using? How big is your competitor’s website? From here you can create a great internet marketing strategy just be bigger and better than the competition. Quick tip – to see how many pages your competitors have indexed by Google type this in Google  once you know how many pages they have indexed you need to take the first step to being bigger. Create more content rich pages than your competitor.

3. Linking gets you everywhere: There are so many different types of links why not use them to your advantage? The most important part with any type of linking is that all links are TEXT links. This is easy to do and adds relevance and keywords to each and every link you make, and gives the page it links to extra credit. Who doesn’t love extra credit? Make sure that every link you have whether it be internal, purchased link make sure you use anchor text links.

These are just a few of important strategies you need to incorporate into your website design and internet marketing strategy to ensure that you have not only high search engine rankings but also to keep visitors coming back to your website.

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