Basic SEO – Healthy and Simple

There is so much chatter out there about proper search engine optimization strategies and how to stay on top of “what Google likes”.  The most important rule is to follow the rules!  If you implement basic healthy SEO tactics you can’t go wrong.  Everyone knows great placements don’t happen overnight but you will certainly avoid any roadblocks if you do it right from the start.  The age of your domain, site structure, unique content, and natural inbound links are the most important.  I have listed below some of the key elements.  Start with these and go from there:

Age of domain – While this is not the most important aspect to a campaign, it can make a world of difference for creating a great foundation and acheiving faster results.  For example, Internet Marketing Inc., a San Diego Internet marketing company, has a 10 year old dommain name.  In addition, to the age, it is also beneficial to have your most important keyword (s) in your URL.

On page SEO – Carefully choose title tags that use your most powerful keywords.  Remember, title tags will be read by users AND the search engines so make sure they depict your page content and keywords you expect to place for.  Also, your page titles are very important.  This helps the search engines and the users know exactly what the content will contain.

Keyword rich unique content – As they say “content is king”.  You have to be somewhat careful about how you add content to your site and want to make sure that it is informative, relevant, 100% unique, grammatically sound, and not overly stuffed with keywords.

Site structure and site map – Make sure you have a clean site map that is updated regularly and submitted to the search engines regularly.  Using breadcrumbs also helps the search engines crawl your site more easily and helps user navigation as well.

Avoid excessive use of flash – Flash is OK to use and there have been many improvements for search engine optimization purposes, but excessive use will prohibit the search engines from crawling your site properly and can make content virtually invisible.

Natural inbound links – This is the most important aspect to making good results great.  People always want to know what separates them from the number 5 and the number 1 position.  Most of the time the number one position holder will have more natural high-quality inbound links.  You can accomplish this through article writing, directory submissions, submitting optimized press releases, blogging, forum posts, etc.

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