Banner Advertising

Have you ever wondered how successful banner advertising is? I have as well so I dug into this question a little more. It turns out that standard banner click through rates are typically between .5% and 1% across the Internet. On some sites, they are even a lot less than that. this number seems very low but it is all relative to CPM and conversion rates as well. CPM means cost per 1000 impressions. Internet average for good sites is around a $10 CPM although some sites like major newspaper online sites can go up to $60 CPM rates and beyond.  During my research I have found that banner advertising is good from a branding perspective but only when it is used in conjunction with organic SEO and PPC. When people see banners over and over again, they begin to recognize that company. Eventually if they want to purchase something, they may search for it. If the consumer then finds in the SERPS the same company they have seen banners for, research shows that they are more likely to consider buying a product or service from that company. There are millions of companies out there with websites and banner advertising helps companies get in the heads of consumers. Here at Internet Marketing Inc, we help companies design their banners, plan what sites that should advertise on, and then help them convert visitors into sales. As a full scale internet marketing company, we work best when we are able to manage a client’s SEO and banner campaigns at the same time. We can track exactly what is working and what is not working and make adjustments accordingly.  Come learn more about our services at

-Brandon Fishman

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