Baidu Finds Use For Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing

Baidu, already controlling 80% of the search market in China, has decided to add a new aspect to their search engine. Since Baidu is already the leading search engine in China, they have decided to expand their horizons, implementing English-language search results to their arsenal.

Baidu Search Engine ImageBaidu has been working on this for a year now, but its first attempt at finding someone to run the English portion of the site did not go as planned. Baidu had originally teamed up with Google to run the English-language portion of their search engine, but Google objected to following Baidu’s censorship guidelines. While Google ultimately backed out of the deal with Baidu, it still owned up to 19% of the search market share in China.

Since the Google-Baidu matchup did not work out, Microsoft took the opportunity to fill Google’s spot. Baidu has publicly announced its partnership with Microsoft and reported that any English searches run through Baidu will show up marked with the Bing logo. Although Google runs the show as the number one search site, Baidu’s new affiliate company Microsoft has upped Google this time around. Google’s failure to comply with Baidu’s censorship guidelines might have been a decision they will soon regret. Baidu’s hope is that with its Microsoft partnership there’ll be no need for anyone to use Google’s search engine in China since Baidu is already the leading search engine company within the country.

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