Baby Boomers are Back

We have said it before but its worth discussing again. Online consumer behavior has dramtically changed over the past 12 months. Advancements in technology and various economic shifts have fosted change in behavior and a shift in the demographics. From a marketing perspective, this is important to note because the old view that the Baby Boomer generation isn’t online reading blogs and involved in social media is simply not true any more.

The Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing demographic on social networks and reading blogs. They are dramatically outpacing Generation Y’s interest in these areas. This is good news for companies seeking new Internet marketing strategies. Companies that target this demographic did not used to have as much opportunity with online marketing, but now the opportunity is there.

Below, we have included a graph from a report by Accenture that shows year over year growth comparing Generation Y and Baby Boomers. The areas include blog reading, social networks, and watching or posting videos online. This opens up a whole new option for brands to engage in social media and online marketing.


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