As Print Publications dry up, Online Proves More Fruitful

Here’s an interesting story. I was working with a client for a media buy recently and we were submitting all the insertion orders to the vendors. However, one magazine vendor (no I will not name the specific one) wasn’t responding to us with the signed insertion order we need to proceed to book the space. After days of trying to reach this vendor via e-mail and phone, we finally found out that the magazine had closed its pages for good. I was completely shocked – this was a very high end publication. We later found out that they had to close their doors because they couldn’t bring the amount of value that the online realm brings. I have also learned that this is a common phenomenon in the print publication world. As more companies wish to do internet marketing for their services and/or goods, print publications are having a tough time competing. Some print publications have the foresight to see this change coming and have developed complex, interactive and highly viewed websites. These sites have been the saving grace for most magazines and even some newspapers. Now while these companies may have used an internet marketing company to design their site, they are not being optimized properly. But I digress. So if you’re a company looking to advertise with a outlet such as a magazine, you should really research the magazine to see if they’re going to be in business when your supposed advertisement is going to run!

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