Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Also on Your Bucket List?

When the New Year comes, everyone seems to look forward to a new start or a new beginning.  In January, people start to think about their New Year’s resolutions that they hope to accomplish. You start to notice more crowded gyms, a lot of goal journal writing and basically more bucket list goals for the upcoming 2013 year.

It seems to us that people are talking more and more about bucket list goals and less about New Year’s resolutions. Ever since the movie The Bucket List debuted in 2007, people have developed long lists of “some day” goals, but been a little lighter on the “this year” goals.

While pondering on this idea of a “bucket list”, we decided to do an informal poll around our office to see what bucket list goals are all about. It seems that bucket goals are very well thought out and held with conviction where New Year’s resolutions are made off the cuff and with not much attachment to the completion. A good way to achieve your New Year’s Bucket List goals is to think strategically together as a team. Here are some tips on how our colleagues can accomplish their goals together in the New Year:


  1. Work together.
    Our QA specialist, Kelly Fishman, wants to read more books in the New Year, while our communications consultant, Donna Schwartze, has “writing a book” on her bucket list. If Donna would hurry up and write her book, Kelly would have a new book to read. Work together!
  2. Plan ahead.
    Our COO and President Ben Norton’s bucket list includes running with the bulls in Pamplona and climbing Mt. Everest while Melinda Serrato in accounts receivable wants to get more exercise. It seems to us if they went together to Pamplona and Tibet, they could knock off these goals with one swing!
  3. Be realistic.
    Digital Account Strategist, Laura Beatty wants to finally organize her garage and clean her mother’s attic. While Director of Data Science Eric Brandt wants to see the Cubs win the World Series. I mean it’s been 104 years for the Cubs? It’s the New Year; there is no time to be waiting!  Laura has better odds for reaching her goals than the Cubs.
  4. Use your friends.
    Our creative director, Irene Roberts, wants to visit her family and explore her heritage home of Hong Kong. Our email marketing director, Sean Klope, wants to hike in the Grand Canyon. Hello? Do you know our CMO, Brent Gleeson, is going to Hong Kong in January and the Grand Canyon in May? (Both business trips, by the way.) Latch on to those trips! We’re sure there’s plenty of room in his suitcase…
  5. Think creatively.
    Our SEM Director, Justin Mayerick, wants to spend a month in Ireland golfing. Since he knows his wife won’t let him do that, he’s added on that he wants to meet her Irish family and see the country of her heritage. Nice creative thinking, JM!
  6. Help each other.
    Our content manager, Kate Riley, wants to meditate, work out four times a week and do hot yoga regularly. I would like to save money for the year and use my 24 Hour Fitness gym pass. Since we are neighbors, we can carpool to save gas money and also motivate each other to drive to the gym together after work. Restructuring budget and getting fit at the same time!
  7. Think locally.
    Finally, our SEO manager, Jeff Oxford, wants to go to England to watch a Premier League soccer match. Why travel outside the country for soccer when we have an amazing company soccer team with a winning record here. Soccer champion and former Nike employee, Andrew O’Donnell wants to lead our company’s soccer team to victory.

At IMI, we’re all about teamwork. We hope these simple tips will inspire you to reach your goals whether they are for this year or in the years to come.

And, if you want actual inspiration in reaching your goals, Brent Gleeson, our co-founder and CMO, has a great column  on Forbes website about stretch goals and how common people can accomplish anything with an uncommon desire to succeed.

Happy New Year from IMI

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