Are you targeting the right consumer?

One of the jobs of any good internet marketing company is to help clients gain targeted traffic to their website. This involves many aspects of the internet marketing firm’s end, including a discovery period to learn exactly what the client’s goals are in terms of who they’re going after and if their site is optimized correctly to receive those leads.

Another key aspect is targeting the right keywords. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is going after very long-tailed, extremely specific keywords and not focusing too much on the broader terms. For example, if a real estate developer is building a luxury condominium development in North Baja, Mexico with a high-end name attached to it like Trump, it is important to go after search terms like “Mexico Condos” as well as “Donald Trump condos for sale in Rosarito.”

Some developers will not want to be associated with terms like “Mexico condos” because they don’t want their project appearing in the sponsored results section next to any other average development. These developers need to leave their ego at the door. With certain search tools that internet marketing companies have on hand, they can educate a client that while they understand the importance of the Trump identity as being associated with luxury and class, not many people will do such a targeted keyword search in the major search engines.

Companies need to understand that although your product is probably a high-end piece of real estate, you have to go after the more generic terms and see what’s working and what’s converting. Think of it like a funnel. The longer you do PPC, the more you can analyze which keywords are the most effective, and you can tailor your budget to fit your results. You may learn that there are limited searches for terms like “Donald Trump condos for sale in Rosarito” so you may not require a huge budget for those longer-tailed search terms. Instead, you might want to go after terms like “Luxury Condos in Baja.” Even though a long-tailed term may not be searched often, it is a highly convertible search term. Broad terms drive traffic, but usually more specific terms convert.

This is something that any good internet marketing firm can help you decipher and should target these keywords appropriately. However, when doing PPC for real estate in today’s market especially, you need all the traffic and leads you can generate. That’s why it’s important to focus on generic and widely searched terms as well as very targeted keywords.

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