Are companies paying for FREE marketing?

If you’re building a website, you obviously want people to eyeballs on your pages and traffic.  Not too long ago, you could get your website organically in top of Google and other major search engines with proper link building techniques, content writing, and correct site structure.  This is still of vital importance when creating a website and any good internet marketing company will say the same.  However, with the advent of social media sites like facebook, twitter and etc, more organic traffic is being generated to sites and the search engines are starting to realize that this needs to be a huge part in any organic seo campaign.  And the best part about this, is that this is FREE traffic…or is it?

I have been an avid MySpace and facebook user for some time now and I have recently started to dabble in twitter.  I, like my friends, really enjoy catching up with one another through these sites and like seeing pics and updates about one anothers life.  However, the true power of these social media sites can be seen when users who have huge followers – like twitter – can promote what ever they deem important – blogs, websites, events and etc.  Companies are starting to realize this and have assigned people to stay on top of the companies facebook, twitter and other social media accounts daily – update them, add new blogs, new status updates, new tweets and etc.  This takes not only a lot of time but you also have to get to know your users.  You have to constantly interact with users, gain their trust to do what you want them to eventually do.  I have to wonder though if companies do or eventually will hire employees strictly to stay on top of their social media accounts.  I wonder if start ups will eventually have a line item for “social media” employee on their books.  The social media optimization aspect is fairly new but has taken off and will be a part of individual’s lives and companies success’ in years to come.  Companies should really heed the advice of internet marketing companies and begin to dedicate much time in the social media realm.

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