Apple’s New iOS 5 Operating System Makes Twitter More User Friendly

Already years ahead of the game, Apple has now updated their mobile operating system to iOS 5. Offering an additional 200 features including a non-interruptive message center, a custom newsstand, and a new way to set reminders that are clean and stress-free to follow. Apple users are finding it easier to navigate their way through iPhone’s, iPad’s, and any other Apple devices.

How does this effect social media networks such as Twitter?

With the additional features now extending to Twitter, social media users are taking advantage of this new operating system within their profiles as well. Apple’s iOS 5 adapted their operating system to provide the same layout within the Twitter page on mobile devices so that users have more control over what’s being “tweeted” and how much information can be accessed through their profile. Twitter users are also finding it easier to integrate other social media channels within their Twitter page, such as posting a link to a YouTube video in a tweet with a couple clicks of the cell phone.

Does it make Twitter easier to use?

The new iOS 5 enable apps, such as Twitter, to be edited in the phones “settings” which gives the user more control over how they want their Twitter app to function. With all these new functions and increased speed, iPhone users are comparing iOS 5 to the new Siri software that is set to be used in the iPhone 4S coming out Friday October 14th.

What’s the best news of it all?

This new software is not only accessible to iPhone 4S users but is free and instantly downloads to owners of:

  • iPhone 3S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod touch 3rd Generation
  • iPod touch 4th Generation
  • iPad
  • iPad 2


What’s the downside?

Although this operating system was set to download over the air for Apple products, some user complained of the installation not working properly and causing some delay on their existing programming. Users must take precaution in the event of this malfunction and make sure not to accidentally delete their current settings in an attempt to reinstall iOS 5.

Otherwise Apple is excited to get this new programming in full swing and we’re excited to use it!


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