Amazon Silk: Innovation In Mobile Web Browsing?

The introduction of Amazon Silk promises a faster, more efficient web browsing experience. Amazon is calling for companies to host their sites on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and focus on the EC2 cloud server to make web browsing much faster. Currently Amazon Silk is restricted to the Amazon Fire device, which ultimately will limit their capability to reach the large market that browsers like Google and Yahoo can reach. There is strong suspect that Amazon will release a desktop browser, but testing out user’s reaction to Amazon Silk for mobile devices is an impressive start.

If Amazon sees success with its cloud-side services, we will surely see Google, Microsoft and Apple browsers take advantage, too. But what about privacy? It seems that we have been hearing a lot about privacy infringements a lot lately and Amazon Silk is not free from criticism. Silk will be learning from “aggregate traffic patterns”, kind of how the new Chrome 13 guesses what you are searching for before you even finish typing your idea into the search bar. Basically, Amazon is watching you. But who isn’t? Do you think Amazon Silk has what it takes to be the next innovator in web browsing?

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