Alternatives to Stock Photography

A Solution for Getting High Quality Photos for Your Content, that Won’t Break the Bank.

No-stock-photographyStock Photos: No one wants to admit it, but everyone uses them. As Marketers we’re all guilty of including a picture-perfect image of men and women in white collared shirts and black business suits smiling and laughing while working at their cookie-cutter office. Or, better yet, to capture that “real lifestyle,” we opt for ideal scenarios featuring a physically fit couple frolicking down a beautiful sandy beach. Because that’s real life, right?

Who wouldn’t love the luxury of having endless funds and a sea of talented photographers at our disposal? However, the reality is, we depend on stock photography sites for high quality photos at an affordable price. And even though there are new stock sites launching all the time, with so many brands and publishers pulling from the same pool, it’s becoming harder to find images that help your content stand out.

Internet Marketing Inc.’s Content Marketing team faced this challenge recently while trying to pull highly-specific and targeted images to use in a quiz for our client, National Pen, entitled “What’s Your Office Personality”. Created as a fun and interactive follow up piece to the “13 Personality Types in Every Office,” the team was reluctant, and downright resistant, to pair snappy copy with standard stock photos.

The solution to this stock photo conundrum seemed simple enough. “Let’s create the images ourselves!”

So that’s what happened.

The IMI Content department teamed up with the Creative department, grabbed a camera, took custom photos of various IMI team members and used those images as outcome assets for the Personality quiz. With a detailed shot list in hand, and after gathering a few random props from around the office, the entire shoot took about 20 minutes. Instead of spending hours clicking through photos, trying to find one that worked, the team had everything they needed in record time.


“National Pen is a long-time client, and, over the years, we’ve built up great rapport,” said Will Price, IMI’s Content Marketing Director. “This shows that it doesn’t have to be expensive to go above and beyond for a client. Sometimes the obvious answer really is the best solution.”

Curious to see what they came up with? Take the quiz and see the photos for yourself!


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