#Agencylife: Spotify Playlists Are The New OOO Replies

Spotify OOO PlaylistsRemember awhile back when I talked about email sign offs? That was fun.  A good time had by all. Except people who use “Cheers” to sign off. I got a little agro there. (I would apologize, but I’m not sorry.)

That said, SUMMER IS UPON US! A time for fun in the sun, fireworks & hotdogs, Sandy & Danny, short shorts, flings at the lake house, vacations, tiki drinks, and of course, a bombardment of out-of-office autoresponses.

Spotify OOO Playlist

Oh the beloved OOO. Nothing says freedom like heading into your email settings, finding the autoresponse tool, selecting your dates, and then thinking of something clever as a #humblebrag that you’re out of town and whoever emailing you is not. So good. (I got excited about my next OOO, literally, just by typing that last sentence. That’s embarrassing and awesome at the same time.)

That said, if you’ve got an adventure planned this summer, Spotify has made it easier than ever to make whoever’s emailing you super jealous with the introduction of the Spotify OOO Playlists.

Spotify OOO Playlist

Just picture it, next time you jet set off to, say, Nicaragua (because NICARAGUA!), you can let coworkers, vendors, clients, family, etc know how much fun you’re really having when they click through to your OOO Playlist and La Calaca by Amparo Ochoa comes on. Good times, man. Good times.

Not entirely sure why, but all of this sort of makes me think of this.

Regardless, giving your OOO message a swift kick in the pants with a custom playlist can only be a good idea. Think about it: Someone sends you a note while you’re gone. Your autoresponder sends the OOO. The original emailer is like, “WTF?” Then they’ll cave and read your OOO and realize that you’ve actually done them a favor by creating this playlist. Then they’ll listen and get super happy. Then when you come back from wherever you were, that person who enjoyed your tunes will thank you, and probably take you out for a nice dinner. Complete with martinis and cloth napkins. Oh la la. (Now it seems you have no choice but to create one of these OOO Playlists. Free dinner? Sweet.)

The moral here: Better OOO messages = new friends & free stuff*.

*Results may vary.

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