Advancements in Website Development

There have been many advancements in website design and development over the last 5 years or so.  More software applications are available to increase the speed and ease of a development project.  Engineers do not have to reinvent the wheel every time they take on a new project.  Some of the advancements have to do with specific software and site structure strategies, but others have to do with the methodoligies behind the engineering itself.

One of these concepts that is making the lives of Internet marketing companies (website development firms) and clients easier is the use of the Agile Development Methodoligy.  This is described by a simple and collaborative software development process requiring frequent inspection and adaptation.  The client and the engineer work together to develop the initial specifications and consult on a regular basis throughout the project.  When done correctly this results in a faster and more transparent project management program with a higher quality product in the end.

A professional Internet marketing company or website development firm with use strategies like this to increase both speed and quality of work.  With search engine marketing being one of the most powerful media platforms in existence, the implementation processes used by the best firms must be perfect.  No project management program will ever be perfect, but the use of standardized methodoligies can help streamliine the process.

Used in conjunction with the Agile Development Methodoligy, are often open source web development applications such as Ruby on Rails (RoR).  Ruby on Rails can best be described as a software development platform that makes the entire process easier for the engineer and is used mostly for rather short client-driven development projects.  Ruby on Rails provides a solid development framework allowing engineers to spend less time writing customized code and doing repetative work and more time building out the site.   Ruby on Rails offers several packages that can be used depending on the size and complexity of the website development project.  Additionally, plugins can be used to extend certain aspects of the various packages.

Another great website design and development process that makes projects faster, higher quality, and more appealing to the seach engines is the use of CSS (cascading style sheets).  Cascading style sheets are used to define the style of pages throughout a site and effectively separate content (usually HTML) and design.  This allows also for tableless website design.  Ultimately, the separation of content and design code allows for more clear visibility by the search engine spiders when they crawl the page.  CSS also makes for much easier and faster website development and ongoing maintenance.  When something needs to be updated, the developer simply needs to address the style sheet rather than changing it on several different pages or tables.  CSS also helps predefine font styles and sizes when using H1 tags, H2 tags, etc.

These of course are just a few of the technical and strategic advancements in website development and design.  All of the processes result in a higher quality project delivered much faster than before.  Ongoing development and maintenance for websites is now mush easier as well.

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