Google Adsense Data Disappears

We are not sure what the problem is, but at this very moment, there was some discussion within the FaceBook Group SEO Organization Philippines that Adsense has some problems. Below is the image shared on the thread by Mark Acsay:

I decided to check out my own Adsense account, and saw the same thing. Just to be sure I was banned from the program, I checked the earnings for this month. Even the historical performance data is not appearing:

If you are a Google Adsense publisher and is worried, wondering if you are banned, we are all not sure of that yet. Looks like this is happening to everyone with an Adsense account. Below is a screenshot of the closed group conversation on Facebook:

Are you seeing the same thing on your Adsense account? Is only Adsense affected? Are your ads still appearing?


Everyone is seeing all the data again. It came back. It lasted just a few minutes. I posted this at 10am PST and it is now 10:18am PST. The data might have come back even earlier than that.

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