A Whopper Sized SEO Mistake

Burger King made a huge SEO mistake on one of their new advertising campaigns. They are running TV commercials and ads based around their Burger King Whopper Virgins Campaign. The problem is that if someone types in Whopper Virgin on Google, there is no way to find the Burger King ad. This is beacuse whoppervirgin.com is owned by Virgin Enterprises and is a parking page for Virgin vacations and Virgin Mobile products. There is a huge difference in google between the singular and plural versions of a name and Google finds that 50% of the time people type in the wrong version. The moral of this story is that if you are running a major advertising campaign, make sure you have the main domain and the singular and plural versions of the domain or else not only will your site be hard to find, but people will be confused when they hit a vacation site when they expect to see ads for the Burger King Whopper Virgin campaign.

With the way ads spread across the web these days, especially good ads, I would urge companies to consult with an Internet Marketing Company or their web design firm before launching any ad campaign. Companies have to make sure that the goals of their TV campaigns, print campaigns, and online campaigns are aligned and searchable in Google and all the major search engines.

This is one example, but there are many more as well. Companies also need to properly tag their videos and make sure they show up in Youtube for the proper searched. This has been the Whopper mistake of the day.


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