A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

When do you know what image to choose to help build your business?

   Social Triggers recommends some tips on how images can either help or hurt your conversion rates. Lets face it, images can either help you achieve your business goals, or hurt. Images affect people. Marketers need to understand that the picture they choose to represent a business will engage the target audience and have them want to read more. This question will come in handy when picking the right image; how do people browse the Internet?

Use images that will engage the visitor’s attention. Humans have a natural tendency of being curious. If a picture catches my attention, I will personally read more about it. Social Triggers recommends using 40-60 characters per line and using an image to take the rest of the space. It is best to guide visitors to the right direction by using the perfect image. Clean, professional and engaging. Do not use stock photos or cartoon images because it is better to make the brand look trustworthy, credible and likable.  T Mobile use to put actress Catherine Zeta Jones as their primary spokes model on their website. This did not help their products because prospective buyers wanted to see their products. You must look at your business, what you are selling, and put up what people want to see. Identify your goals and target market. This will improve conversion rates for both leads and sales.

What other images can I use?

Graphics will improve the user’s experience, but deciding on the right graphic will contribute to the business. Decide on graphics that deliver high value and content. Higher quality content with the right image will show you improvement with results. That is why you should spend extra time in finding the perfect image for your site.


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