A Few Tips to Increase PPC CTR

PPC can be a complicated advertising method.  With constant changes in the algorithms and Quality Score indexes, we need to stay on top of strategies that fall under the “best practices” category.  We can talk all day about landing pages and call to action but the first step in any Internet marketing strategy is to get the clicks.  Without the clicks everything else is irrelevant right?  So how do we ensure that the ad titles and descriptions are compelling enough to get the clicks?

Here are a few tips for improving Click Through Rate for yout PPC ads:

1.  Direct Keyword Association:  Use the exact keywords in your ad title and landing page copy.

Example Keyword Search:  Summer shoe sale

keyword assocaition




2.  Trademark or Regsitration Symbol:  This works well when running PPC for distinct products and brands

Example Keyword Search:  Back to school clothing sale  (notice the Dickies.com ad)

Dickies R









3.  Use the Price in the Ad Title:  This works well when running special offers or sales

Example Keyword Search:  Cheap San Diego hotel rooms (notice the Heritage Hotels ad)

Price in Title









4.  Season Association in Ad Title:  This goes back to keyword association and creating relevance between the search and the ad title

Example Keyword Search:  Summer shoe sale (notice the use of “Summer” in the simple ad title)

Summer Shoe Sale




5.  Use a Brand or Product Name as a Subdomain URL

Example Keyword Search:  Xbox 360 sale

x box




Notice that the ad for the Xbox uses a few of these strategies combined:

  • Keyword association (direct keyword match – or at least close)
  • Price offer in the ad title
  • Brand name as Subdomain URL

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