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When we first launched our blog a few weeks ago I was excited for the opportunity to contribute. We have freedom to choose our own topics, blog on our own time and use our own writing styles. We’re still experimenting with the best ways to engage people, categorize blogs and structure our blog but this will inevitably be fine-tuned as we receive feedback.

I’m incredibly impressed by the contribution effort. We have everyone on our team blogging from our Executives, Technology guys, Project Managers to our interns! We’ve got an amazing pool of talent and each individual has added something unique but really it’s the collaborative effort that’s unifying our voice. I encourage every company to start blogging.

Here’s why:

1. Compelling Content: Blogs provide your website with fresh, unique and engaging content. It’s important that your website has the corporate content: company description, team bios, case studies, etc. but face it: while we all love to think our website is amazing the corporate stuff gets boring! People aren’t going to revisit your site to read your content, but they will come back if you’re constantly engaging conversation through the blog.

2. Authenticity: Blogs add a human voice to your company. We think executives are untouchable. We’ve all gotten excited over meeting someone in a high power position because we think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. But really, executives are human just like everyone else. They should be making just as much effort to reach out and relate to their customer. Many people base their buying decisions of off emotions and personal connections. It’s a lot easier to evoke emotions through real human voices. If your customers see that your CEO cares enough to engage in conversation through blogging it will bridge the disconnect between the high power executive and everyday consumer.

3. SEO: This is the most important but given the least amount of attention for the simple fact that most don’t understand how to create a blog that helps with SEO. Blogs are a great way to optimize for your top keywords and improve internal linking if done strategically. It must be done in a way that doesn’t take away from the true intention of providing unique content nor turn your blog into an advertisement. Just adding keywords and linking arbitrarily doesn’t work. Companies who really understand how to blog for SEO now have another powerful tool that puts them ahead of their competition.

If your company has a blog please leave us the URL in the comments and I’ll be happy to see what you’ve got to say and even provide you insight through a Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization viewpoint. If your company doesn’t have a blog but needs some inspiration to start one please shoot me a comment and I’m happy to get back to you with some insight.

Melodie Tao

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