8 Tips for Making Your Content Shareable

shareable content tipsThe need for quality content on your website is a given – but getting your content shared as much as possible? Now that’s the real key.

Unless you’ve been oblivious to the content-is-king movement over the past few years, you certainly understand the importance of creating high-quality, relevant, and fresh content that can quickly inform and entertain site visitors. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise-level organization, place importance on creating content that not only impresses the reader but also motivates others to share your musings.

More shares equal serious exposure for your business and a more prominent and lucrative position within your field. High-quality, shareable content is the ultimate goal for any business that is actively engaged with online marketing activities.

How to Share

To create shareable content, is it as easy as writing some quality blogs or articles and then hitting ‘post?’ Not really. You must create and adhere to a content development process and keep the following tips in mind. Then, you’ll be much closer to curating unique sharable content that can boost your rankings and drive in new business.

Sometimes bigger is better — Creating great content is step one, but creating high-quality 1000+ word blog posts about relevant topics can position your site as a resource for others in the industry. Other websites and blogs will link back to you to increase the overall quality of your site, as well as the potential traffic back to your business.

Keep it broad yet refined — Some of the most shareable pieces of content are list-type posts that offer a broad appeal and cover the kinds of topics that many individuals find interesting. Of course, it needs to be relevant to your field. As long as your posts are entertaining, informative, visually pleasing, and inherently shareable, it’ll help to drive traffic back to your site.

Create timeless content — The highest quality content is worthless if it is released at an inopportune time. Posts about contemporary political issues, for example, may elicit a spike in site traffic or shares for awhile, but you likely won’t see any long-term lift from these types of topics. Consider long-term relevance when constructing blog release dates.

Focus on your target market — When your customer finds something on your site that is relevant to their lives and interesting to read, you’ll exponentially increase the likelihood of shares. Think about what they need to be educated on, and what topics they’ll find inspirational. Then, create high-quality content that can reach a broad audience.

Provide a feast for the eyes — Just because the quality of the writing is top-notch doesn’t mean that it’ll get shared. It has to be read first. One of the fundamental pieces to remember when creating a post is to break it up into small, easily managed pieces. Large blocks of text or a series of imposing paragraphs will turn off readers quite quickly. Include pictures, graphics, an infographic, or creatively-styled text blocks to make your content more shareable.

Reuse content appropriately — Creating high-quality works isn’t easy – and it often isn’t cheap. Turn your blogs into infographics, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, Slideshare, and more. Refresh it to keep it as unique as possible, but don’t look at a blog as a one-time shot at garnering shares and site traffic – make those words count!

One-up the competition — In order to create great, shareable content, find out what the competition is up to. Read their posts, click on their links, and snoop around enough to understand their overall focus and attention to detail. Then, take this information and run with it by creating unique content that is easier to read, more relevant, and more fully-formed than the competition’s offerings.

Love your own work — Give your content the ultimate test – would you post it on your own personal Facebook page? Is it that compelling? Or, is it formulaic and just good enough to find a home on your website – buried deep in the blogs section without much fanfare? Create content  so good you can’t wait to share it with those in your sphere of influence.

Creating shareable content must be one of the top priorities for anyone looking to boost audience engagement and improve KPIs. If you’re not ready to create this content on your own, employ a dedicated and experienced internet marketing organization that can do the heavy lifting for you.


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