7 Social Media Tools Marketing Agencies Use

social media tools

Looking to remain relevant and boost your visibility within your field? If so, consider the following 7 social media tools used by leading marketing agencies today!

You know that social media is important, but keep the following statistics in mind:

* There were 1.71 billion Facebook users as of the end of the 2nd quarter of 2016.

* 313 million individuals used Twitter per month during the same time period.

* Today, there are 100 million active Pinterest users.

* As of June 2016, Instagram volume was 500 million users per month.

Now, consider this: the average person spends up to 4.7 hours per day on their mobile device, with much of the time allocated to using social media to stay connected. That, coupled with the fact that consumers today tend to seek validation and information through social media – and they have a general distrust for mainstream advertising – means social media absolutely must be a part of your world.

Think about it – if you could capture 0.000001% of the traffic on Facebook, you’d have thousands of new customers ready to do business with you.

To create a compelling social media presence and attract new customers, you’ll want to employ several unique tools and tactics. The following is a list of seven social media tools that marketing agencies use today:

  1. Bit.ly: URLs have gotten quite long these days, and if you’re using Twitter or Facebook and want to deliver a concise message to your customer base, consider using Bit.ly to shorten the URL. This makes the message look cleaner, and the Bit.ly protocols enable you to track clicks and gauge how effectively your content drives traffic to your site.
  1. e-Grabber Account Researcher: This is a powerful tool that can be sampled via a free trial, but the full $80 per month version is what really counts. E-Grabber is designed to root out the high-potential prospects and likely industry matches for your business, which then enables marketing agencies to tailor campaigns and social media activities to the whims of your target market. It’s like manually searching Google for everything you need to know, without having to actually… you know, search it on Google! The special algorithms do it all for you.
  1. Compfight: Photos can improve the performance of any social media site, but the problem isn’t finding good photos – it’s finding pictures that don’t cost a fortune! Compfight takes most of the work out of the equation, as well as the cost, and quickly searches through Flickr’s nearly endless stream of photos to find those that have a Creative Commons license for low cost or free commercial use.
  1. Post Planner: This tool helps marketers to manage content within Facebook, and runs an intuitive application with some seriously useful features. You can discover content that is trending in your field, link content from other related sites, add Facebook pages, blogs, or Twitter accounts, or search thousands of databases for status updates on specific topics.
  1. Tailwind: Just as a tailwind helps an airplane to fly faster with less effort, this comprehensive marketing support tool gives a major boost to your Pinterest account. Manage bulk-sized uploads, multi-board pins, and calendar scheduling. For agencies that provide social media marketing services, Tailwind is especially helpful as it enables management of several accounts at one time.
  1. Meet Edgar: This tool is unique in that it takes your content and then reuses it according to a predetermined calendar. Agencies will use it to keep content fresh on a client’s site, and the tool includes posting schedules that can make updating content quick and easy. Updates are saved in a library to be placed in a queue, which recycles content over a set timeframe. The result is less manual oversight of social media content.
  1. Socedo: This automated lead generation tool integrates with LinkedIn and Twitter to aid you in finding appropriate leads from the social media sphere. Once qualified leads are uncovered, simply add them to your tiered list of potential clients and you’re ready to go!

The bottom line is this – choosing to use social media management tools is important, but partnering with the right marketing organization that specializes in social media and Internet-based activities will net you an even greater ROI.

Instead of attempting to fight the good fight alone, seek the help and support of a qualified marketing firm with a track record of successful outcomes. It is likely that they’ll use one or more of these social media management tools to help grow your business, but allowing a marketing firm to do the work for you will provide you with the greatest commodity out there for a business owner – more time.

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