6 Posts that Build Brand Engagement on Facebook

Facebook Brand Page for Coca-ColaFacebook is a great tool to facilitate networking because of its deep social community. Business owners are realizing the potential that Facebook provides to acquire free advertising opportunities. New Facebook brand pages are created every day, however they are not all equally successful. A common mistake made by Facebook administrators is the assumption that every post will be viewed and shared by all of their friends. There are many ways to engage with friends and potential customers on Facebook through likes, shares, and comments. Specifically, six particular post types will really enhance customer interest and appreciation, and hopefully lead to sales. Integrating a social media marketing package into your strategy can also significantly improve the interaction with consumers on your profiles.

1. Photos

Certain Facebook users have massive lists of friends, leading to hundreds of stories appearing on their feed every day. For users like this, it is important for a brand page to truly stand out from the crowd. One strategy to do just that is to post a picture of something related to your business. While you’re at it, it is not a bad idea to intersperse promotional posts like this with other photos of anything you may find interesting and would like to share. This shows your consumer that you are not just blatantly advertising and really do want to promote conversation.

2. Fill in the _______

A way to increase the number of likes and comments you receive is to ask an open question like a fill-in-the-blank. This will lead consumers to interact with you and with each other by implementing their creativity and creating a discussion, thus influencing a positive image of your brand to the masses.

3. Photo Captions

Photo caption contests (with or without a reward) can function as a combination of a picture post and a fill-in-the-blank. This process is as simple as posting a photo and requesting fans to submit a caption for it. National Geographic received 27,800 likes, 11,700 shares and 3,700 comments for a similar type of post.

4. Questions

Including a question with a picture or post is another way to interact with people and attract comments. By asking open-ended questions like “Which do you prefer?” you essentially get a free poll out of your consumers.

5. Tips

Tips are a great way to increase interactions because people’s reactions will instantly tell you if the information was useful to them and if it is valuable to your company to continue to provide tips. This also plays into the idea that including non-self-promotional posts into your strategy will increase user trust in your brand.


Sometimes attracting likes and shares on your post is as simple as sharing an innocent quote. Any positive feedback creates an association with your brand and an appreciation for your opinion.

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