6 Important Facebook Changes for Businesses

As we all have noticed, Timelines are starting to take over Facebook. In due time, everyone will be forced to convert to this format. Timeline comes with many new changes that will affect all Facebook users. It is important for businesses and top marketing firms to prepare and adjust their Facebook social media campaigns to take advantage of these changes.

Facebook Business

1. The Cover PhotoThe first major change that is quite noticeable on the new timeline pages is the cover photo. Instead of the five picture photo strip along the top, you now have a large banner photo all the way across your page. This larger photo area gives companies opportunity to distinguish themselves with a more creative and engaging picture. Facebook does stipulate that the photo cannot ask users to share or like the company’s page nor can the photo display any contact information. But these restrictions allow businesses to show their creative side, so they can stand out from their competitors.

2. New Applications

With Timeline, you can display twelve applications, with the top four appearing distinguished from the rest. You have freedom to move these applications around in the order you would like. Here’s the key for businesses: you can change the photo for the app when it appears. The app can also be renamed to give a call to action for a potential consumer. This gives the opportunity for businesses to reach consumers through an area they are normally not targeted from.

3. Facebook Offers

Facebook has transformed Facebook Deals into Facebook Offers. Offers can basically be coupons or giveaways that can be promoted through fans’ news feeds. Facebook has also made it easier to share these offers among friends and easier to claim the offers. Taking it one step further, Facebook has everyone’s email, so they can simply email the offer to the user. This lets companies take internet marketing management to a more direct level with followers.

4. Larger Posts

Pictures and videos that are posted are now larger. The larger pictures and videos are more eye-catching to your fans and will be able to grab their attention easier. Posts (called stories now) can also be highlighted, so they span across the width of the Timeline. If a story is important enough, it can be pinned to the top of your Timeline for up to a week. These are all ways to make your posts more engaging to fans and to create more interaction.

5. The Admin Panel & More

The Admin Panel house many great features, including Facebook Insights where you can access data about your page, to better manage your account. You can now easily request a name change for your page in case there was a spelling error or if the company changes its name. Facebook now allows you to see data from other pages such as trends, age demographics, and their popularity. And finally, a message feature allows users to send your company messages through Facebook.

6. Advertising

Facebook will be implementing the Reach Generator, to reach more of your current followers, and Premium to reach new, perspective followers. Facebook’s Mike Hoefflinger explains that current Facebook ads reach only about 16% of current users, and the Reach Generator should be able to hit about 50% each week. They will not be based on cost or pay per click internet marketing, but there will be an ad type called “always on”. The new ads will be displayed in the news feed, mobile streams, and right ride of the page.

When Facebook first changes their page design, people tend to freak out. But if you are aware of the upcoming changes and new features, you can take advantage of them and charge ahead of the competition.

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