6 Benefits of Evergreen Content

6 Benefits of Evergreen Content Strategy | Internet Marketing Inc.

Evergreen writing is an important part of any company’s online content mix, but what are the real benefits of continually-relevant, “evergreen” posts?

Evergreen content is a fairly common term heard today, though many individuals, even those who work in the marketing field, aren’t exactly sure what it means. If you compare it to an evergreen tree, which doesn’t go dormant and keeps returning each year, evergreen content is continually relevant information that won’t “fade” with time.

For instance, anything topical written about, say, presidential candidates won’t have much appeal in a few months, regardless of election outcomes. Evergreen content is, therefore, content that should always be relatable and important – even months or years after the first publication date.

When refining your own company website, it is important to include evergreen content to support your overall marketing strategy. Here are six benefits to implementing evergreen content into your own site:

Boosts Keyword Rankings: Evergreen content strategies should contain at least some of the high-profile keywords you’re trying to flaunt. You can base the topics for your evergreen writing around these keywords, and then tailor the actual content to your particular leanings.

Minimizes Work: If you run a news blog, you must rely on up-to-the-minute information to quickly assemble articles for your site. This means you’re typing away on your keyboard all day just to keep your head above water. Evergreen content can sit idle for quite some time, while still working hard in the background to draw interested parties to your site.

Enhances Site Traffic: Since the content is timeless in nature when compared to many of the other works on your site, you’ll find that evergreen content drives steadily increasing numbers of people to your site versus trending content. Trending topics can elicit a spike in visitors, but then trail off quickly.

It Is SEO Friendly: Google uses an algorithm that rewards sites that are loaded with fresh and evergreen content. The search engine understands the difference between high-quality in-depth writings and trending topics. Top-quality evergreen content strategies can help your site’s SEO rankings considerably.

Fresher Backlinks: Robust evergreen content that is a year, even two years old, can still get backlinks as a result of the quality of the content. When Google realizes your site is still getting new backlinks, it will improve the overall website ranking and keep your site in Google’s good graces.

Enhances Social Shares: Evergreen content naturally receives more social shares, over the long run, than most trending topics. Part of this relates to the ongoing presence of the content, while the other factor lies in the fact that evergreen content is more easily shared with confidence – as it is often thought to be of higher quality and more authentic.

Now that you know that evergreen content is important, what are some of the ways that you can include it in your content offerings? The following tips will aid you in developing evergreen content that can help boost your site traffic and accelerate your website’s performance:

Keep it Simple: When constructing an evergreen content piece, consider your target audience. If you’re really looking to draw clicks to your content, keep it simple and know the majority of searchers are looking for basic answers to simple questions. For instance, if you type “how to fix…” into a Google search, you’re not going to find “how to fix a port-side impeller shaft on an Ohio-class submarine” as a ranking query. You’re likely to find “how to fix a zipper” or “how to fix a broken nail.” Experts don’t Google search for the answers, beginners do. So tailor your evergreen content to capture a broad audience.

Link Your Posts Together:  Many evergreen articles start like this, “The complete guide to…” or “A list of the top XX…” If you’re writing content like this, make sure you link articles together that share a common theme. If you’re writing about car repair, consider linking to maintenance articles, car wash tips, etc. You’ll walk your readers from article to article, all while keeping them engaged with your evergreen content.

Keep in mind that repurposing evergreen content can deliver additional benefits, such as reaching out to a new audience, minimizing additional writing duties, and keeping existing content fresh in the audience’s mind.

You can take an old blog and turn it into a guidebook or step by step list. Interviews can be converted into ebooks or whitepapers filled with authoritative advice from industry leaders.

Picture-heavy blogs can be pinned to a Pinterest board. Statistics from a blog or case study make exciting Twitter posts. You can even create infographics from PowerPoint slideshows or presentations – as long as the content is still relevant! Repurposing content is a great way to keep your hard-won information at the forefront.

Evergreen content is vitally important for any business that wants to run a viable website. Create share-worthy content and make sure that it is timeless and well-constructed. Do so, and you’ll make a lasting impact on your brand’s online presence.

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