5 Types of Influencers to Work with to Achieve Your Goals

types of influencersFinding the right influencers to help achieve your business goals is a crucial step in the strategic influencer marketing process

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.”  – Scott Cook

Think the Kardashians are a great fit to promote your lumber business? Or Tiger Woods is the ideal influencer for your auto body repair company? Even if you could somehow afford to connect with these two celebrities, they aren’t a natural fit for the businesses above.

Finding the right influencers is a big part of the equation, as the right person can drive ROI numbers that lead virtually any other marketing channel in play today. Find the wrong person and they can sink your business quickly.

Find the right person, and you’ll see the results you desire. Here are the types of influencers you should consider working with:


When it comes to global reach, celebrities are able to connect with millions of individuals each day. Their massive audiences and global appeal can put your product or brand in front of key consumers everywhere. And, if the celebrity is a fan of your product, you can bet their followers will be, too.

But celebs aren’t always the best bet. They often demand steep fees that can be prohibitive for all but the largest businesses. Most also have a range of contracts with other companies that may have put no-compete clauses into effect already. And, celebrities aren’t immune to scandals, which can quickly deteriorate their credibility with the public. In short, celebrity influencers are a risky, but potentially game-changing option.

Thought Leaders

Whether you call them presenters, speakers, thought leaders, or consultants, this group of individuals tends to use a multi-channel approach to getting their message across. Thought leaders are invited to speak on panels, work within educational institutions, and even consult news agencies because they tend to see the world a little differently than the rest of us. They can be highly effective influencers because they provide a perspective that gets people thinking… then, people start to talk… then, they get exposed to your product. It’s a beautiful thing.


There seems to be no shortage of bloggers on the web today, but partnering with the right ones to promote your services or products can considerably boost your brand. Finding an influencer for your business who is a prolific blogger is important, but see if you can discover one who is already talking about your brand in a positive light or at least focusing on your field or business line.

From a cultural perspective, bloggers tend to direct a lot of what’s considered “trendy and cool,” and they deliver reviews and commentary in an organic and authentic manner – especially when they’re already a user of your product.

Niche Influencers

While bloggers can talk about a variety of topics to reach a wide audience, niche influencers tend to narrow their conversations and influence consumers in a specific area in which they demonstrate credibility.

For example, a YouTube sensation who focuses on cooking quick and easy meals is a niche influencer, and there are some with millions of followers. Imagine sponsoring a travel blogger with a complimentary stay at your hotel and having them review their experience on their video or blog. Their content could be worth continuing revenue for your business. Because their targeted approach makes them highly valuable to companies that operate within their niche, expect to pay more for their influencer services.

Brand Journalists

The ultimate mission for a brand journalist is to create topic-specific news articles for a certain industry. Similar in scope to a niche influencer, these dedicated journalists are tasked with cultivating long-term relationships with readers versus trying to grab onto prospects with the intention of selling something.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost business results – and partnering with the right group of individuals is the key component to maximizing ROI via this lucrative channel.

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