[New Video] 5 Tricks to Creating Killer Sales and Squeeze Pages

Today is our second installment of our new weekly Q&A video series. Today, I answer a conversion optimization question sent by Samantha Richards from Missouri. She wants to learn some simple and effective ways to increase conversions on her landing pages.

Conversion optimization is commonly discussed, and there are many websites and blog posts that have covered the topic. Rather than discuss many of the same points from the numerous conversion optimization tips on the Internet, I decided to emphasize 5 tricks that I feel are neglected when it comes to the sharing of proven conversion strategies.

If you’ve read other blog posts on this topic, many Internet marketers will talk about designing with only one goal in mind, using certain colors over others, using a lot of bullet points rather than paragraphs, and other basic techniques that ought to be common place for even  ‘amateur’ Internet marketers.

I took a different approach and emphasize 5 tricks:

  1. Design with ‘Researchers’ in mind (not buyers or browsers)
  2. Use Images to the guide they eye (i.e. don’t worry so much about design)
  3. Write clear and effective headlines — not to be neglected
  4. Show social proof
  5. Incentivize and use scarcity tactics


What do you think of this short list? Leave me comment below. I’d also love to hear about a conversion tactic you’ve used with great results!

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