5 Tools to Host an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Whether I’m scrolling through Instagram or browsing through my favorite blogs, I’m starting to see more and more sponsored content across social networks. It’s no surprise that celebrity and influencer marketing is on the rise and rightly so. Real people now have the power and opportunity to share their experiences with the brands they love — and even those they don’t. Better yet, these influencers have established trust and credibility with their audiences so much so that nearly 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations over any other forms of advertising.

Digital-MarketingBenefits of working with influencers include not only relevant product feedback, user generated content, and more exposure, but also an increase in revenue. According to a recent study by Burst Media, “marketers who implemented an Influencer Marketing program in 2014 received $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media.“

Brands should continuously leverage influencers and advocates to amplify their message. By doing so, they’ll reach consumers that they wouldn’t have been able to on their own.

However, launching an influencer marketing program can be time consuming. You have to determine:

  • TOPICS you want the influencer to discuss

  • GOALS of the campaign

  • INFLUENCERS who will help you achieve those goals

Once you’ve determined your objectives, you have to build a list, vet the influencers, begin the outreach, coordinate the fulfillment/agreement, track the campaign success metrics, and the list goes on and on.

If this task seems daunting, there are a few tools and influencer networks to help assist you in your marketing efforts that will save you a lot of time and future headaches. Here are 5 tools to help you host a successful  influencer marketing campaign:

  1. Grapevine – a YouTube Influencer network that will find relevant YouTubers to talk about your product or service. They use talent that is genuinely interested in using your product in a video, and provide them with talking points for a thorough review/integration. Campaign click through rates typically average 5%.

    • Useful for: brands looking to gather more video content surrounding their product or service.

  2. HelloSociety – a Pinterest Influencer network specializing in the fashion & lifestyle industry. Each Pinterest Influencer must have a following of 100K+ and HelloSociety conducts the outreach by providing pins and custom content to the influencers. They’ll also send a comprehensive report at the end of the campaign.

    • Useful for: brands hoping to expand their Pinterest strategy by driving more traffic to their site as well as sales.

  3. Tap Influence – a blogger and social influencer network specializing in the mom and lifestyle space. All influencers opt in to use the platform so these are people truly interested in connecting with brands and agencies. You can either licence the software or have Tap Influence run the campaign from start to finish.

    • Useful for: brands looking to partner with bloggers to create and curate original content pieces

  4. Instabrand – a social influencer network that connects brands with relevant influencers while tracking real time analytics. Instabrand provides comprehensive reporting making it easy for you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Instagram and Vine are the platforms they specialize in.

    • Useful for: brands hoping to share their story by reaching a network of users on Instagram or Vine.

  5. Speakr – a social network of content creators and curators spanning nearly every major network including Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook. Their network has the ability to optimize campaign performance in real time to maximize effectiveness.

    • Useful for: brands hoping to create and share original content featuring online celebrities on a specific social network.

Still, the most important element of success when running any influencer marketing campaign is finding the right people to spread your message, regardless of follower count. These networks and tools help you connect with the right influencers who genuinely want to work with your brand and share their experiences with their fans.

Do you have any experience with the tools above? Which are your favorites and what others would you recommend?

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    Great post Kellen!
    TapInfluence and Burst (now RhythmOne) actually ran a webinar recently on the study that you mentioned. Here is a link to it:


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