5 Tips That Will Help Your Content Go Viral

No one can guarantee that a piece of content will go viral, but most of the time, the content people choose to share isn’t just random. There is a lot of thought and strategy that goes behind most viral pieces of content. Below are 5 simple tips that will help make your content go viral.

1.     Topic SelectionMany Thumbs Up Popularity Buzz Growing in Steps

Coming up with shareable topics can be quite challenging, especially if the content has to be relevant to a specific industry that the majority of the population is just not interested in—like computer engineering or health insurance, for example. This is where creative minds need to come together and put on some thinking hats to come up with unique topics. For example, let’s say I worked in the small business loan industry and was responsible for creating a viral piece of content for my company. If I have any hopes of this campaign being a success, I need to steer away from the topic of loans and venture out to something that will actually capture the interests of my audience.

First, I need to figure out who my target audience is and then take it a step further from that. So, if small business owners and entrepreneurs are my target audience, I would want to choose a topic that not only appeals to them, but to a broader audience as well. The following topic ideas are interesting, relevant and would appeal to a broad audience:

  • What Type of Business Person Are You?
  • The 9 Corporate Personality Types
  • Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries for 2014
  • The Insane Lifestyle of a Small Business Owner
  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss

2.     Relatable

Create content that is relatable and is aimed to trigger the interests of a broad audience. For example, an infographic that we created for National Pen Company, titled “What Does Your Handwriting Say About You”, received millions of views, hundreds of thousands of shares on social channels, got republished on hundreds of high authority sites such as DailyMail and Gawker, and got ranked #1 on Visual.ly for views and shares.

It is no coincidence that this infographic took off the way it did. This piece of content went viral because the topic we selected is exceptionally relatable, controversial and fascinating to a broad audience. The topic also elicits feelings that makes people want to engage, talk about, and share their experience with others.

Note: The infographic mentioned above was launched over a year ago and it still brings in thousands of visits to the site month over month!

 3.     Benefit the Reader03A98948

It’s not rocket science. People are more inclined to share something that is useful and beneficial in hopes that it will benefit others as well. Content containing hands on, practical information such as useful guides or `life hacks’ that people can put into practice can drive the viral spread of content.

 4.     Catchy Headlines

The headline of a piece of content is the first, and perhaps the only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Thus, your headline is the most important component in making your content a success. Research has shown that using numbers in headlines will trigger something in the brain that makes people alert. When you use a number in a headline, whether it is an infographic, blog post, or an email subject header, you immediately hook people’s interests.  Studies have actually shown that headlines with odd-numbered lists have a 20% higher click-through rate than even-numbered ones.

5.     Social Share Buttons & Embed Codes

Undervaluing social share buttons will hurt the virality potential of your content. It is crucial for your promotional efforts to include social share buttons before and after each post. Be sure to also include an embed code underneath your content so that it can be easily embedded onto other blogs and sites. (It’s a simple trick to gain easy links!)

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    This blog was so helpful and well written. I think it gave even a novice like me some very good tips and encouragement to create a blog for my dental office! Thank you Lisa Marino!! What an excellent job!


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