5 Reasons Why Acquisio Is the Best PPC Management Software

At Internet Marketing Inc., we have tested many different bid management tools and PPC management software solutions. For the past year, our agency has been using Acquisio to manage all of our clients’ pay per click advertising and social media ad campaigns. Long story short, no other tool provides this level of automation, intelligence, tracking, reporting, or optimization features. As an agency, we can truly dig deep into each campaign and provide real insight and ROI analysis. We spend less time on reporting and bid management which gives us more time for conversion optimization and campaign optimization.

Why Is Acquisio So Great?

  1. The Most User-Friendly Interface:  We have found the Acquisio SEARCH interface to be the most user-friendly platform around.  As a growing company, we are always adding new team members and growing each department. Most platforms have a pretty significant learning curve which means new employees take time to ramp up. That is simply not the case with this platform.  Even as robust as it is, it is easy to navigate and understand all the features.
  2. Fully Integrated Dashboard and Automated Reporting:  The dashboard is amazing. As an agency with many clients, tools and automation are key to proper time management for our Directors, Account Managers, and Project Managers. They spend less time compiling data from all the search engines and various media outlets for reporting because it is all right there at their fingertips.  We can analyze KPI’s for the entire search campaign all in one place and make adjustments accordingly.
  3. Bulk Campaign Editing:  Editing and making changes to large campaigns (or even small ones) takes a considerable amount of time especially if you are running ads on multiple search engines. Acquisio lets us edit campaign ads all in one place saving time and allowing for more optimization and creativity.
  4. Campaign Automation Through Rule Setting:  Another task that takes time is PPC bid management. There are of course many bid management tools out there but it can seem daunting to simply turn over this responsibility to an automated tool. Acquisio’s bid management platform allows you to set rules and parers. You can set it on auto or semi-automatic in which you will receive email alerts for approvals. That way there is both manual and automated management happening. The best of both worlds.
  5. Pricing:  Obviously this is a big one.  We are always monitoring costs and looking for the best value. Acquisio may specialize in enterprise agency solutions but they have pricing models for every budget.  This tool is so advanced that we can optimize campaign performance, ensure that we generate a position ROI for our clients, and in turn, they have the ability to invest further in online marketing and grow.

About Acquisio SEARCH – PPC Management Software

Acquisio is the leader in performance marketing solutions for Internet marketing agencies. Its flagship product, Acquisio SEARCH, helps marketers manage, optimize and automate all their paid search activities across all search engines. The platform also automates the production of slick and engaging client-ready reports, saving agencies significant amounts of time each month on their reporting activities. Other solutions include landing page creation and testing platform Acquisio PAGES, and Acquisio Managed Services. Acquisio’s suite of solutions empowers over 300 interactive agencies around the world, providing them with increased productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

Key Solutions:

  • Tracking and attribution
  • Search
  • Social media
  • Display and retargeting
  • Expert support
  • Great pricing structure


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  1. Samson Internet Marketing

    We have tried many too but found Marin to be the best. marins automated bid management far outstripped Aquisios in our test when we trialled their software. It’s not as pretty to look at but we find managing the 3 millions spend we currently run a breeze with Marin.


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