5 Reasons to Recruit with Facebook

Money$$$Any regular Facebook user has seen an increase in ads finding their way onto its pages, and users aren’t the only ones to realize this. Advertisers for products and jobs have recognized Facebook as a great marketing resource. The opportunity Facebook provides is off the charts and targets many different demographics. Five reasons in particular show why you should jump headfirst into the Facebook marketing game.

1. You Can’t Miss it

It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet with over 500 million users logging in everyday to see what it has in store for them. There aren’t many places where a job posting can potentially be seen by that many people.

It may sound easy just to post a job and figure that out of those 500 million daily users someone will be interested in your recruiting, but instead of putting luck to the test, investing in Facebook ads can lead more potential recruits directly to your pages, right where you want them.

2. Target Acquired

Facebook makes networking with friends and family easy, but it can also make targeting the right candidates for your job a cake walk. Finding qualified candidates for job postings is a whole lot easier when your candidates put their personal information and interests on Facebook. By using Facebook, your recruiting can be geared toward high interest candidates for your job posting; easing the process of sorting through hundreds of unqualified applications.

You’ll find that Facebook can target someone based on education, location, age, skill level, etc., making them almost too easy to find.

3. Economic Recruiting

You want to make sure that your advertising spending is economically friendly and effective. Facebook helps out by offering cost per click (CPC) ads, so basically your spending is going toward potential customers only.

4. Getting the Turtle Out of His Shell

Reserved or passive candidates can be a real challenge for job recruiters. With the more reserved candidates it can be hard to advertise for something they want, unless it is an opportunity they really like that is laid right out in front of them.

Facebook can assist you here by allowing you to advertise specific job opportunities to these candidates. You’ll want to make sure they are for mid-senior level positions, to get those passive candidates out of their shell.

5. Establish Your Community

Traffic is the almighty when it comes to any sort of online marketing. With increased traffic flows you enable a larger group of people with different interests to discover your product or service. For job recruiting this is half the battle, the other half  is quality traffic. As discussed previously, Facebook allows you to do this by targeting the traffic and directing it to your page.

From qualified applicants you acquire high value customers, and with cost per click advertising you minimize costs. The result of all this is low cost efficient recruiting, the ideal business model for you.

Facebook rivals any job board posting site in its targeted low cost high effective recruiting. Even a top competitor like LinkedIn struggles in compassion because of its primary targeting focus on the white-collar work force.

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