5 Qualities for Effective Sales

Do you have an online business, but think your  sales team is falling short on deliverying your pitch?  There are many factors involved in growing and online business and selling any type of product or service, but the purpose of today’s message is to analyze your inside sales team.  If you have an Internet marketing business, or any type of company where inside sales are crucial, review these five qualities and make sure your sales team members have these competancies.

Ambition and Drive:  This is one of the most important factors but is very hard to teach.  Driven sales people are always seeking new opportunities and earning potential  It is safe to say they are driven by success and more importantly, MONEY.  The more money they make, the more money your business is making.  A business owner will quickly be able to pinpoint the members of their team that are truly driven to succeed because they are self starters, proactive about prospecting, and have great energy.  When hiring new sales people, this is a difficult quality to determine during the interview process.  The best way to bring these potential qualities to the forefront are by asking the right questions.

Process Orientation:  This refers to the quality of being process driven.  A good sales peron will be able to give you two or three top examples of big deals they closed and exactly the process they followed to get it done.  Each person might have a slightly different process but usually the basic principles apply.  The process doesn’t have to be formal either…but it does have to be consistent.  When interviewing for this position, ask for these types of examples.  A process can be provided and trained but usually a successful sales person will develop their own strategy that works best for them.

Sales Prospecting:  Have you ever employed a sales person that simply refused to prospect for new business?  Mind blowing isn’t it?  I always figured that sales people  understood that to close deals and earn commissions they knew they had to hit the phones and/or get out there and network.  This is not always the case and should not be assumed.  It is always beneficial to have a process for supplying your sales team with leads or at  least a defined direction or resource.  The good ones will use what you give them as well as network and make cold calls.  When interviewing new inside sales people, make sure they are comfortable on the phone.  However, just because someone has “telemarketing” experience doesn’t mean they can sell your product or are the right people to be talking to your target audience.  All of this depends where your product or service falls into your given industry (i.e. innovative and new, gaining traction, mature, etc.).

Control and Close:  This is the most important core competency.  A good sales person needs to be able to have control over the process and close the deal.  Keep in mind of course there are different levels of sales responsibility.  A sales role that is defined as being an “appointment setter” doesn’t have to have this skill, but it helps because they know the process and how important that initial relationship building effort is.  This leads us to the final quality.

Relationship Effectiveness:  This of course is important for closing the initial deal but also for building a lasting relationship that will lead to repeat business.  Sales people are not out there to make “friends” but rather “relationships”.  If friendships develop, that is great but it is not the main purpose of course.  There needs to be a balance.  A good sales person will build a trusting relationship based on integrity and transparency.  Sometimes this means being completely honest, even if it might cost you some business.  In the long run, your recommendations to a client (that are honest) will earn you their respect and more business.

Whether you have an Internet marketing business sell golf cart parts online, these key qualities will be imperative for your sales staff.  Naturally, discovering all of these qualities in an interview is very difficult and takes a lot of experience (and following your gut feeling).  The ongoing success of the sales team will be up to the business owners and management and how well they provide ongoing training and coaching.  You have to give the team the resources to succeed.

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