5 Online Personalities… Who Are They?

1. Sir Paul

In the dark world of Torrents, Sir Paul is a name often associated with good quality video torrents.

Who is Sir Paul that appears on video torrent files?

I am not a big fan of using Torrents for acquiring videos, because I believe that all the money spent in the production of these deserve to get back what they used by passing through the proper distribution channels. If it is something that I just missed and forgot to setup the DVR, I tend tend give myself a little leeway and I’ll look for a torrent for the TV show I missed. In the world of the Torrents, the most popular and clearest videos are compressed properly with relatively smaller file sizes often mentioning Sir Paul in the name.

Who is this Sir Paul character? Is he someone that rips the videos? Or possibly he is not even a real person and Sir Paul has some other meaning synonymous to the quality of the video file. I tried to research more about it but all I get is Paul McCartney and Paul Cucinello- both recording artists. If anyone has any insight into Sir Paul please share!

2 & 3. Angela & Paul Packets

Who is Angela & Paul who have these link packets?

SEOs know how to detect, fix, and prevent Penguin update issues. However back in the day before the update re-defined SEO practices, SEOs of all kinds got links in almost any way possible.  Probably around 2007 to 2008, I kept hearing all the hype about Angela Packets and Paul Packets, and then soon after, they were often mentioned together. Angela and Paul Packets were often talked about in the Warrior Forum and Blackhat World. I never subscribed to their service, but always wondered what the hype was all about.

From online friends that subscribed to their service, I saw 3 PDF files that a friend shared and these packets were comprised only of PDF files containing a step by step guide on how to get a link from various places. The ones I read were often profile pages on online forums. The moment I opened it and read it, I was initially perplexed as to why one would resort to this method as anyone could just search for places to get links with Google using the many search operators they have to refine your search.  Driven by curiosity, I started to search for Paul and Angela Packets. Unlike Sir Paul in Torrents, I was able to get more information about them.

According to a popular forum page, their full names are Angela V. Edwards and Paul Johnson. As I tried to dig a little deeper, it was extremely hard to decipher which site was their official website, and seems as though there are multiple people selling their service on different forums and independent websites.

Angela does have a LinkedIn profile, saying that she owns Backlink Building Inc. that has been around since 2008. However the popularity of the name Paul Johnson makes his LinkedIn profile or other identifiable factors difficult to pinpoint.

Who is Paul Johnson that sells the Paul Packets?

4. Sexy SEO Lora Lufark

SexySEO has been around for quite some time. Lora has an official blog, several guest posts, has been interviewed on other websites, and I personally know people that believe Lora Lufark is a real person- and possibly she is. However, if she is real, she really should address many signs of being a fake online persona. If it is a persona, it could have possibly been created for link bait purposes, building some kind of authority in the SEO space, or just for having fun with other SEOs.

Who is SexySEO aka Lora Lufark?

The first red flag is that she doesn’t have many photos online, and one of them is used on multiple sites which appear to be a stock photo. Obviously the model is a real person, but I doubt she is Lora Lufark aka sexy SEO.

Lora Lufark aka SexySEO's Back Picture is a Stock Photo

Having a beautiful model in a sexy bikini is link bait in itself. Add on her SEO knowledge, and the bikini shot is a bonus making her the ultimate SEO dream girl.

5. The GoogleGuy

WebmasterWorld is one of the main internet marketing and web development forums online. It’s one of the most authoritative sites out there with a great pool of people with rich knowledge and talent. There are so many thought leaders that are members of this forum that a high quality level is maintained- there’s no self-promotion of any product or service done there.

Who is the GoogleGuy?

When it comes to the world of SEO, there are specific discussions about how Google works, and the GoogleGuy has been one of the people that may clear out doubts among the members when they want to know the official stand of Google on a certain topic of interest. When I used to spend some time on WebmasterWorld, I always wondered who the GoogleGuy was. I always thought it could be anyone, most likely Matt Cutts, but I also thought maybe this online persona can be handled by anyone aside from Matt, like John Mueller, Adam Lasnik, Udi Manber, Maile Ohye, and so on. Maybe the GoogleGuy is really a persona that they all contribute to?

The answer emerged back in 2006 when Matt Cutts confessed to the world that he was indeed the GoogleGuy, and he has even been writing that on his name tags when attending conferences.


Out of the five mysteries, we know who GoogleGuy and Angela of Angela Packets. For Paul Packets, we know he is (or maybe isn’t) Paul Johnson, but other details about him are unknown. As for Sir Paul and Sexy SEO, I am still in the dark. Anyone have any thoughts or information?

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