5 Misconceptions About Content and How to Fix Them

content misconceptionsContent marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make your business relevant and valuable.

It’s already been proven: content is king. It’s one of the key areas digital marketers are focusing their dollars. And although it’s becoming more accepted as a central strategy for any digital campaign, there are still a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding content marketing. Here are five you’ll want to keep in mind.

#1 – Content Marketing Is Easy

With content marketing, there is the production of writing the copy necessary, but there’s also strategy, outreach, and other promotional efforts that are involved in a comprehensive content marketing campaign.

There is real skill and time necessary to produce content that will boost the visibility of your brand and attract new audience members each day. Partner with a digital marketing firm to ensure you’re putting your time and effort in the right places. Otherwise, you may end up creating content and optimizing your digital profile only to find that you’re really just spinning your wheels.

#2 – Content Is Only for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While quality content will certainly help your website rise to the top, SEO isn’t the only reason to create great blogs, articles, and more. Many digital marketers try to outthink Google and think if they stay one step ahead of the latest algorithm, they’ll instantly rise to the top of a search page.

Here’s the thing – Google is smarter than that, and what they’re really looking for (and what your audience wants, too) is quality content that provides value. It’s important to appeal to search engine algorithms, but first, ensure you’re putting content online that matter to your audience.

#3 – You Can’t Measure ROI from Content Marketing

According to recent research, only about one-third of marketers have created the framework for a regimented content strategy within their businesses. This means that not only are nearly 70% of marketing managers not really clued into the content marketing process, but the majority don’t really know how to measure the results.

Google Analytics is a great tool for helping track relevant data pulled from your website’s activity and social media movements, but more sophisticated programs used by digital marketing firms will drill down to an even more finite level to uncover the real drivers of the client experience. Figure out these, and you’ll have a better idea of the ROI from your unique marketing activities.

#4 – Creating Good Content Is All It Takes

Curating terrific content is a given. Your business will falter if you don’t take time to create relevant, useful, and interesting content that your audience wants to read. But the process doesn’t stop there. Rather, you must create a dedicated content marketing calendar and strategy that outlines the steps you must take to boost your brand.

Beyond creating good content, ask yourself – who is the target audience? What topics will prove helpful, intriguing, or timely for this group? How can I create content that increases the number of links back to my site? How often will I deliver new content? Write good stuff, but make sure it falls within the framework of what you or your digital marketing firm has created to maximize results.

#5 – Results Happen Instantly

Most marketers who have fully embraced content marketing know that results will happen, but it isn’t an overnight process. Even if content goes “viral,” it may still take quite some time for the business to see tangible results from the increased exposure.

Remember, content marketing is all about creating organic connections with groups of people who you invite to become part of your growth strategy. Start off your relationship with the target audience just as you would if you were dating someone. Authenticity pays off, don’t try too hard, and give it time. Create good content, don’t shove it in their face, and use your calendar to deliver it at the right time.

Content marketing is incredibly powerful, but it must still be managed in a deliberate manner to ensure your message is received appropriately, and by the right audience. Commit 100% to your content and you’ll see the results – just make sure that you do it the right way.

If you’re not sure how to do so, consult with our digital marketing team to help guide you down the right path.

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