5 Email Campaigns Your Hospitality Brand Should Try


Most brands are aware that email should be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy. With 91% of all US consumers using email on a daily basis, unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most effective channels to reach customers. Particularly for hotels, email is a great way to build relationships with new guests and cultivate brand loyalty.

But how do marketers choose the right email campaigns to meet their business goals? It can be a daunting task to decide which campaigns should be prioritized, and knowing which can wait. Approach the strategy planning with your brand’s specific goals in mind – whether you’re looking to boost conversion or build a network of engaged users. Then, create a roadmap of where the email program is going on a quarterly basis.

For hospitality brands focused on delivering exceptional customer service, here are some campaigns your brand should consider implementing.

Booking Abandonment Reminder

Cart abandon rates in the hotel industry are at a high 70%. One of the best ways to boost your conversion rate is through retargeting. Encourage visitors to complete their purchase by creating a sense of urgency. Include your brand’s value propositions and an assistance offer. Use clear call-to-actions that take the user back to the booking interface to complete their reservation with their last hotel preferences preloaded.


Pre-Arrival Offers

The period between booking and arrival is the perfect opportunity for hotels to inform guests of additional amenities and services.  Encourage reservations for spa services, tee times, restaurants, and show times prior to arrival. Target particular guests with offers related to their interests, based on past purchase behavior. For example, a guest who frequently visits the spa during their stay should receive a reminder to reserve an appointment.

Welcome Series

Introduce new subscribers to your brand through a series of automated welcome emails. These automated emails will trigger after subscription, based on the schedule you set in place. Welcome emails are the most frequently opened, with an average open rate of 53.08%, according to Experian.

This is the best opportunity to make a strong first impression with the user. It’s also a good way to promote blog content, encourage social media engagement, and educate subscribers on your hotel’s offerings.


Review Requests

A study conducted by Dimensional Research found that 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Sending your recent guests a personalized thank you message with a request for feedback will help bring in more reviews. More importantly, it will communicate to guests that their experience and opinions are highly valued.

Recent and detailed ratings on websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google often encourage others to visit your property and will help boost online reputation. Additionally, a high volume of reviews benefits local SEO.

Birthday Wishes

Send subscribers birthday wishes and encourage them to celebrate at your property with a special offer. As an incentive, provide subscribers with a discount on a hotel room or spa service. This occasion provides an opportunity to connect with your subscribers in an authentic way while deepening the relationship.


Competition among hospitality brands in the digital space is strong. With an increasing demand for personalization, it’s more important than ever to create email experiences that communicate value to the customer. Implementing some or all of these sophisticated email campaigns on a consistent basis can dramatically improve conversion.


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