5 Easy Tips For Video Optimization on YouTube

With over three billion views a day and sixty hours uploaded every minute, how will your YouTube video stand out and grab the attention of some of the 800 million registered users? Pay close attention and bookmark these five easy steps that will serve as a guide to your social media marketing strategy and help your clients build their social influence.

Embed Links Back To Your Site:

This is very important because when users share your video, you want to make sure they are given a backlink back to your site so once they’ve enjoyed watching the content, they can find out more about your company easily. This is also a very valuable tool for search engine optimization purposes, as well.

Use Keywords in the Title, With Attention-Grabbing Semantics:

The title to your video is the most visible element to users and also the most valuable for SEO. So try t include your main keyword, while not sounding too obvious (surround with other words that will really entice users to watch). Remember to keep it under 66 characters, or Google will cut you off in the search results.

Use Keywords in the Video Description and Tags:

Once you’ve completed the necessary keyword research, be sure to include the keywords you wish to rank highly for in the description of the video, once again be reminded to avoid keyword stuffing. We also recommend adding the URL of your site at the end of the description, in efforts to drive users back to your site. Include the word “video” as well while describing and tagging (because most users will enter this in the search query when looking for videos). If some of your important keywords don’t sound right in the description, no problem! You should tag at least 10 keywords in the tagging section that you wish to rank for.

Keep Videos 90 Seconds or Less:

The truth of the matter is that Internet users have very short attention spans. With that being said and in hopes that your video is watched and shared with friends, you should aim to keep the video shorter rather than longer.

Eye-Catching Thumbnails:

The thumbnail is going to be the only visual a user gets when searching for a video. Therefore, you want this to be the most eye-catching image of your video. You are able to choose the thumbnail image in the edit section of the Video Manager, in which YouTube will automatically pull three images.

Now that we know the five easy steps, go to your YouTube Channel and see if each and every video has the necessary components to rank higher. If you have any other helpful video optimization tips, be sure to share with us in the comment section!

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