4 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Making Their Stores Available Via Pop-Up Shops

Learn how brands can benefit from opening pop-up shops.Much like “content is king” has been the mantra for several years, “e-commerce is on the rise” may be the next phrase repeated to our internal and marketing teams through the end of the year and into 2018. You cannot escape the power of e-commerce and the value that online stores give consumers today.

E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year. In a survey conducted by Square and Mercury Analytics, 56% of business owners have a physical store, and 21% have a pop-up shop or host pop-up events. Businesses also sell through Amazon, Facebook, and other online stores.

In short, retail brands aren’t sticking to one conventional way to sell their goods or services. Many are making the shift from offline to online stores to meet the growing digital audience. After all, people check their smartphones an average of 85 times a day. Even this crazy number could be on the low end, since every day, new opportunities to view content, engage with others, and shop online are available.

One way businesses are meeting (and benefiting from) the rising demand for e-commerce is by making stores available on-the-go. The benefits allow consumers to better familiarize themselves with brands and create opportunities to shop online, in-store, or on-site at a makeshift store.

Benefit #1: It Allows Online-to-Offline Flexibility

Omni-channel strategies provide consumers the option of shopping in more than one place. One of the biggest Shopify Plus advantages is that e-commerce retailers can sync all offline and online transactions in one place.

An employee monitoring online revenue will also see real-time orders from a pop-up shop or physical store. This helps track accurate sales, revenue, and inventory, even when your team is “on-the-go.” When launching a promotion or special product release, brands can optimize the strategy based on where it’s performing best.

Benefit #2: It Allows You to Interact Directly with Consumers

Pop-up shops or events lend opportunities to get creative with your marketing. While people may be trending toward shopping online, their purchase habits may still include testing products firsthand, attending an event to learn more about the company, or hearing from their favorite influencer to understand if what you’re selling is right for them.

When you make your store available on-the-go, you are able to put your products in the hands of others. The try-before-you-buy concept is an addition to the online efforts you already have in place. Plus, it’s a great way to get live feedback from consumers.

Benefit #3: It  Raises Brand Awareness

Digital marketing gives brands reach to larger audiences than a singular store might be able to. And, pop-up shops allow brands to connect with their audience in yet another way. It gives consumers a taste of what to expect from the store or the online buying experience.

Typically, pop-up shops or events are rolled out in metropolitan areas relevant to the brand and have a good chance at word-of-mouth exposure. This tactic is similar to older street marketing strategies used before smartphones existed. But now word-of-mouth is done in person and also, online through various social media channels, email, text, etc.

Benefit #4: It Creates a Sensation

A pop-up shop event means a party! Taking your store on-the-go allows you to create a festive atmosphere that may not be feasible year-round for your physical store(s). These events often include celebrity guests, prizes, giveaways, and product display that attracts those who are already fans of your brand and captures the attention of those who may simply want to be invited to the party.

Want to grab the attention of the millions of people doing their holiday shopping, who on average, will spend $967.13? Make your store available on-the-go. Host a product party. Create a buzz!

The shift of retail is trending toward becoming more of an online play through e-commerce. However, rather than following shoppers where they’re headed, why not be available should they decide to show up? This means creating adaptable strategies that can change with each (shopping) season.

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