4 Technical SEO Tips to Increase Your Venue’s Visibility

IMI_600x400_Blog_4TechnicalSEOTipsMaking on-page improvements to a website or web page with technical SEO can be the difference for a customer who is considering a few different upcoming events. Technical SEO can help improve visibility, social reach, and generate loyal returning customers with a positive user experience (UX).

Here are a few technical SEO tips to improve your website or web page:

Use Schema.org Microdata

This type of markup will improve a search engine’s ability to effectively understand your site’s content better, but can also help improve the appearance in SERPs, which can lead to higher Click-Through Rates (CTR).

Specifically, a concert or venue can add Schema markup to pages. If you have an entertainment hall or concert venue, you can improve the results for an already ranking query where users are looking for concerts, without a particular branded search for your specific venue.

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Add Social Media Share Buttons

By improving the SERP you rank for, you may attract more users and garner more traffic. The types of users you may attract with an improved SERP are people who may specifically have clicked on a particular musician who are more likely to be passionate about that particular musician.

This is a great opportunity to leverage your potential enthusiastic customers by allowing them to share and spread the word about an upcoming event they may be going to. Even if that particular user ends up not going to the show, they may influence others to in their absence.

rod stewart social media share

Add Open Graph META Data

It is one thing to share a page through social media, but when a particular social share is attractive, it entices people to become even more interested.

This can be achieved by implementing Open Graph META Data onto the page being shared. A thumbnail image, description, and headline can be configured and tailored for every event.

The following Facebook example is something that could be improved further. Namely, the name of the artist does not fit within the framework, and the face is not easily identifiable without reading the headline.

open graph

Improve UX

There are many different ways to help improve the UX of a website or page. There are a few in particular when it comes to technical SEO that can provide that extra benefit:

  • Breadcrumbs – Helps search engines understand site hierarchy better. Allows users to quickly navigate and interact with the site. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile all offer different experiences when it comes to navigation.
  • Page Speed – A ranking factor, and a great way to create a positive experience for a user who is looking to purchase tickets. Users can walk away with a sense of feeling they were able to quickly get the information and book a reservation for a show.
  • Responsive Design – Users search and interact with many different devices. Be prepared to offer a great UX for mobile devices, in addition to traditional desktop views.

Implementing the correct technical SEO is a huge advantage when trying to get your venue or business to rank. If your site has been falling in the SERPs or has been having difficulty ranking well, it might be time for a refresh.

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