4 Quick Takeaways from IDSD 2018

IDSD logo with imi highlightsInteractive Day San Diego is a one-day conference where marketers and brands come together to learn and share knowledge. Here are four quick takeaways from some of this year’s panels.

Branded Entertainment: The Trojan Horse of Marketing

Visit California, Mering Carson, and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley spoke about how to market a brand based on their experience and current successful projects they have created. They advised it’s best to make your brand relevant to your audience. However, with a high or low budget, it does not always mean a certain campaign, TV commercial, or show will be a hit. They discussed how they tested their audience with different ideas before finding the right campaign that fit.

It’s Authentic Air Time! How Athletes Create True Fans Through Social

I enjoyed this session very much. The athletes talked about the social platforms they use to engage and increase followers. For example, Jaelin discussed how she uses Instagram more than Facebook. Also, when an athlete receives gifts from their sponsors, they need to post their product on social media. As they share on social media, the athlete is building their brand and therefore needs to stay

CEO All Play

This session was very inspiring. The CEOs on the panel talked about their career journeys and how they try to stay relevant and continue to inspire those who work with them. Equality and diversity was a topic as it currently is in today’s society. I was happy to see companies with women CEOs represented.

Google It ‘Til You Make It

Mara Lecoq presented a motivational session. She was honest and passionate talking about her experience and her journey of going out of her comfort zone and creating a product that can impact the life of a girl at an early age. For her and many women in today’s world, she’s empowering women and encouraging them to pursue positions which are currently male-dominated. Go Mara!

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