4 Billion Views A Day & Every Second Another Hour Of YouTube Videos Is Ready

In a February 2017 update, YouTube reached another milestone: 1 billion hours of watched content on the channel per day.

Today is quite the milestone for YouTube. The platform announced via their blog that users are watching and uploading more videos than ever before. The fascinating rate at which a video is being uploaded is one hour of video to YouTube every second. That means within the next 24 seconds of reading this article, they will have another 24 hours of video ready for you to watch. Speaking of watching videos, users are watching videos more frequently, a lot more. YouTube is now exceeding four billion views every day which is surprising.

YouTube Outreach

What is causing this larger than normal spike over the past few months? Well, one idea is that the parent company Google has pushed into larger categories and making it even easier for the user to share, upload, and watch. Take for example that the medium is no longer just being played on computers; instead, your Xbox, smartphone, and television now come equipped with YouTube.

In addition to the astonishing fact, some of the data and fact crunchers over at YouTube have switched from the mind-boggling charts and infographics to their new site onehourpersecond.com. This site is pretty fun and puts a lot of their stats into a visual masterpiece so be sure to take a quick look at it. Interested in more videos? Check out our YouTube channel.

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