3 Ways to Build a Great Relationship with Your Internet Marketing Agency

Internet marketing has many components and can be inherently complicated especially when a company is running many different online marketing channels and trying to make sense of all the data.  When working with an Internet marketing agency it is the job of the agency to help you set realistic goals, establish a strategy, and work towards those benchmarks. 

During this process a client will/should have access to endless amounts of data.  Data and information are two different things in this context.  Data are the numbers provided by your analytics platform.  These platforms could include your Google Analytics, PPC tools, or attribution software.  Information is the actionable conclusions derived from the data.  Any good agency will provide the client with “information” not just data.  Anyone can log into Google Analytics. 

However, this is where things can get a bit derailed.  Often a client will look too deeply at data and develop their own conclusions of what might be happening without keeping an eye on the big picture.  That leads them to continually ask questions and demand that the Internet marketing agency stop what they are doing and find the answers.  The answers can be found for sure, but it takes more time and distracts the team from focusing on the core goals set at the beginning of the campaign. 

Below are 3 tips for being a star client and getting the most out of your Internet marketing agency: 

  • Set Only a Few Core Goals – The can be as simple as a 25% increase in conversions, or bringing down your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from $100 to $50.  They main point is to work WITH the agency to set these goals to ensure they are realistic.  Having lofty and aggressive goals is great but they have to be measurable and achievable.  Allow the agency to work towards these goals and understand that things won’t happen overnight.  The online marketing world is complex and dynamic.  Sometimes strategies have to be adjusted which can cause set backs or delays.  Don’t bog down your team by bombarding them with daily questions about bounce rates or ranking movements.
  • Build Trust – Trust of course has to be earned but once that happens, let go and let your agency do what they do best.  If you do not trust your agency you shouldn’t be working together.  The third and final tip helps build trust and that is communication.
  • Consistent Communication – This is the most important factor.  Naturally, the agency should set communication standards, days and times for regular calls, and be responsive to emails.  The client however also has a responsibility to be responsive and communicative.  Many elements of an online marketing campaign such as keyword lists, ad copy, and creative need client approvals.  When that doesn’t happen in a timely manner progress stalls. 

Keep these tips in mind and know that a successful Internet marketing campaign is a team effort between client and agency!

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