2009 Internet Marketing Trend: Mobile Marketing

Advancements in mobile technology opens the door to mobile marketing.   Mobile marketing today is described as a marketing channel on mobile devices.  Despite the decline in overall marketing, a recent report suggests that mobile marketing will increase by at least 36% in 2009.  In 2009 and 2010 the Internet will play a major role in mobile application development.   In Europe and Asia mobile marketing continues to rise exponentially.  Last month, Europe alone had sent out 100 million advertisements via mobile marketing.

Why move with the mobile marketing trend?

  1. More people all over the world use the mobile interface to access the Internet versus the PC.
  2. Mobile platform has location sensing to enable you to segment your target market locally, nationally, and/or globally.
  3. The convenience of coverage practically anywhere and everywhere.
  4. Availability of smart phone web analytic enabling you to market smarter.
  5. Enhanced display technology making it the perfect platform for web and landing pages.
  6. Create an application to promote your business with another avenue for earnings potential.

Mobile marketing may just impact the world as mobile technology.  Stay tuned for Mobile SEO.

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