15 Quick PubCon 2013 Tips For the Week!

How To Learn From PubCon

1.  Plan Your Itenerary

1planSometimes some sessions can go near overtime where the PubCon staff are trying to kick out the speaker already because the next one is coming up. And there are still some great golden nuggets of information coming from the last few minutes that you do not want to leave. Then right after that, you want to run to the next session and do not want to miss a second of it, but you still do not know where to go and what session to attend. To help plan this for you, take advantage of PubCon’s Itinerary Builder.. Since it is web-based, you can access it on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Hopefully I also get on your list of sessions to attend.

Come see me speak at these sessions!

180x150-see-me-speakCSS & HTML Coding 2013

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013, 2:35pm-3:45pm

Universal & Personal Search Optimization

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013, 11:45am-12:55pm


2.  Attend the Parties

As much as you can learn a lot from conferences, sometimes the best information can be obtained from the parties. So get your conversational networking skills on, because if you want to get information from others, you have to be willing to share information yourself and start building a conversation with others. There are official PubCon Parties and also unofficial PubCon Parties. Lane Ellis compiled these parties well on the PubCon site. Remember if you want to learn a lot from the sessions and the day starts early, do not party that hard either. If waking up is hard, you can always call the front desk also to give you a wake-up call to help you wake up.


3.  Listen to the Buzz

You can’t be at every session, but if something really good is coming out from one session, then it will be repeated often on Twitter. Install something like Tweetdeck to monitor the whole @PubCon account and #PubCon hashtag.


4.  Don’t Just Believe Everyone

Many of these speakers are really great speakers, without a doubt. But you may also hear conflicting ideas from different speakers. So whatever you learn, find some verification, test things yourself and evaluate if different speakers may be in different situations that gives rise to conflicting ideas. Use that critical thinking and analysis when listening and learning.


5.  Get Inspired by the Keynotes

2mattSometimes you can learn a lot from the keyword speakers, but aside from the learning, keynotes are often inspiring. They get you going to do more. There are three great keynote speakers to listen to. Jason Calacanis, depending what generation you started doing SEO, there was one time where SEOs hated him, but it was just effective hate-baiting where he just benefited from it all. That alone is a learning experience. Everyone in this industry probably knows Matt Cutts, the popular Google Engineer, head of the web spam team famous for a variety of reasons. There is always something new to learn from Matt. And lastly Scott Stratten, author of the popular marketing book Unmarketing. Users get bombarded with marketing all the time that sometimes it just does not work anymore and you have to concentrate on engagement.


6.  PubCon Labs

Got burning questions unanswered? Take advantage of the PubCon Labs and signup now. I will also be personally hosting these labs. My lab is more on technical implementation issues. So if you have problems with your CMS, AJAX, Flash, Parallax scrolling, duplicate content or eCommerce types of implementation issues, you can ask these and we can look through your site and I will help come up with solutions. For other topics, feel free to look at the other speakers’ topics for their labs. If you feel you have more than one topic aside from technical implementation and the implementation is just one of them, feel free to still pass by and lump all your questions in one sitting. My schedule is:

SEO Technical Implementation Issues – Thursday, Oct 24, 2013, 2:00pm-3:00pm


How To Network At PubCon


7.  Network For Learning More

3networkingNetworking with other people that do the same thing you do helps even just for quick questions. Start following the speakers on Twitter, follow each other. Networking with people helps in questions and answers. Feel link following IMI? Want to ask me a follow-up question from my presentations, ask me on Twitter! @iMarketingInc, @BenjArriola. Follow all the other great speakers at PubCon too!


8.  Network For Partnerships

Sometimes to grow in this industry, we have to leverage each other’s strengths. There are so many people you can meet in sessions, parties or simply exhibit booths. If some other company can help you in your weaknesses, and your strength is their weakness, why not form some partnership. Maybe you have something to offer us and we can also offer you something. Feel free to approach me when you have the time at PubCon!


9.  Network for Clients

Not every attendee will be from an agency. There are also companies out there who sent out their in-house SEO/PPC/Social/Internet Marketing/Web Design & Development  director/manager/head that may not have all the resources to implement what is best for their company and will need the services of some of you. I’m sure someone somewhere will find where the relationship would be mutually beneficial and fruitful.


10.  Are You An Author Fan?

Come up close and personal with your idols. Have the book and want it signed? There is a whole schedule for the book signing! Check it out.


Transportation & Getting Around


11.  Monorail and Busses

monoNot all hotels may be in walking distance from PubCon, and getting a cab can be costly if you ride them every day. The monorail passes by the convention center and to most hotels along the Las Vegas strip is a good walking distance to a monorail station. If the monorail is a bit far, check your bus options, like the 108 that passes by the Las Vegas Convention Center. Their unlimited multiple-day passes for both the monorail and bus can get you around Vegas easily. The 108 bus stops are operated by RTC where they even have their own Ride Tracker Mobile site.

Photo source unknown. Probably the photo was originally by Las Vegas Monorail themselves as part of a press kit.


12.  Booked At Hard Rock? Use the Shuttle Bus.

It is the only hotel with a PubCon shuttle bus. Disadvantage is you do not always go and leave during the shuttle bus hours, but it is still nice to have the multiday passes for the bus and monorail to get around other places.




13.  Yelp and Foursquare to the Rescue

4yelp4sqI guess most of us have used Yelp or Foursquare to help in deciding where to eat since you get ratings and price range. Sometimes some coupons/specials/deals can be found on these websites or apps.


14.  Ask a Local

Sometimes while networking with others you get to find the real nice places to eat. Problem is sometimes at PubCon, you cannot find a local right away. Many participants are from all over the place, some out of the country.


Having Fun


15.  You’re already in Vegas, might as well have fun while you are at PubCon.

PubCon ends on Thursday, and for me I’ll work from Vegas on Friday, and the weekend my family flies in and we might watch something by Cirque du Soleil, maybe a helicopter tour, or whatever we think of. This is even giving us ideas with 20 awesome things to do in Vegas!

So I hope this helps plans our PubCon week! Start filling up your itineraries, decide what parties to attend, eat great food, learn a lot and have fun! See you all at PubCon!



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