10 SEO Tools Marketing Agencies Use

seo marketing toolsKeep your business competitive and boost visibility by employing these essential SEO tools today.

Here’s the bottom line – search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone marketing practice in the digital age, and marketers who fail to maximize their website’s keyword assortment, rankings, content creation, link building, link removal, and technical writing may find themselves lumped into the yesterday’s news bucket quite quickly.

To ensure serious visibility within your market or field, consider using one or more of the following 10 SEO tools that smart marketing agencies are using today:

Google PageSpeed Insights: One of the biggest turnoffs for a website visitor is a slow-loading page. This is especially true when users attempt to access your site from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, as many end users do today. With this SEO marketing tool, you can assess the load time and overall performance of your site on both desktop and mobile, and you will also receive a “user experience score,” which grades factors like font size and tap targets.

AdWords Keyword Tool: This tool is available for free or as a “freemium” option, in which additional features are available for a fee. Most marketers looking to maximize SEO results should begin with a basic keyword search. This tool is indispensable and provides an approximate number of monthly searches for a variety of keywords and variants of basic keywords.

SimilarWeb: This insightful tool is ideal for the marketing manager who wants to keep tabs on similar websites. For instance, if you want to know how your site is performing relative to a competitor, simply plug in the appropriate information and the analytics will get to work. You’ll see a comparison of search volume, social media presence, referrals, and more.

SEMrush: Since keywords are the lifeblood of a quality SEO campaign, we’ll offer up one more keyword-based option: SEMrush. This program requires a subscription fee, but delivers an incredible amount of data and analytics via sophisticated software. You can see which keywords your competitors are ranking for, the value of the words, and the landing page for each keyword. This is priceless information if you’re looking to totally optimize your site.

Open Site Explorer: This site is available in a limited free version, or a more robust form that helps you to find linking opportunities for a more optimized website performance. Create link building campaigns that drive traffic to your site by more fully understanding the backlinks of competing websites. This isn’t the cheapest tool out there if you opt for the paid version, but with it you can run helpful reports and compile serious data to improve your marketing abilities.

Authority Labs: Creating an SEO campaign and optimizing the content on your website is obviously important, but you’ll first want to create a list of KPIs (key performance indicators) to better track your results. After that, sign up for Authority Labs Pro membership and keep an eye on your keyword rankings by entering two things: your domain name and the specific keywords you want to monitor. A free, 30-day subscription is available to help you test out this popular option.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer: Since you can never have too much information when creating and managing an SEO campaign, sign up for this vital tool and take a comprehensive dive into practically every important, trackable component of website management. You’ll receive a visible rating (0-100 scale) that covers data like keywords, social media, website speed, links, and more.

Google Trends: This piece of data-crunching software can help you to react to changes in search volume for specific keywords, and it can assist in accurately forecasting the rise and run of certain terms. This is as close as it gets to crystal-ball style site management at virtually no cost. It’s also good plain fun, at least for marketers, to plug in keywords to see how interest level has fluctuated over the years.

Ninja Internet Marketers Tools: This outfit offers a quick and easy way to search for broken links on your site. Simply run the software and it will search your entire site, looking for internal and external links that may need attention. The easy to read status reports help to eliminate those dreaded “404s” from plaguing your site.

Copyscape: Copyscape is important for those looking to ensure 100% plagiarism-free content on their sites. Copyscape can verify whether specific text appears elsewhere on the web, and it can help you to improve search rankings by maximizing the freshness and quality of your content. This is especially important if you’ve hired an outside agency to write for your site.

Each of these tools can help provide some level of oversight when managing your website. Ensure that you work with a reputable and innovative digital marketing firm, and also take the time to track your own performance to keep close tabs on your business. Which marketing tools have you found most helpful?

Which marketing tools have you found most helpful?

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