Website Design & Development

Web Design & Development        

Your website is the most important tool for reflecting your brand image and capturing new potential clients, customers, and business relationships. Your website must have the ability to engage visitors and entice them to take specific “actions”. At Internet Marketing Inc. we start by understanding your business goals and creating an interactive user experience designed to help you reach those objectives.

Internet Marketing Inc. offers a variety of services from basic web design to complete website development. We have completed hundreds of successful websites in a variety of different industries. Our designers and developers have the skill, experience, and creative talent to appeal to your sense of style and the ability to turn all of your ideas into reality.

Our Experience

Our clients range from small to medium size businesses to large corporations and everything in between. With our combined experience in graphic design, website development, content management systems (CMS), and e-commerce stores, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our website development team can deliver.

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Conversion Optimization Website Design

Internet Marketing Inc. approaches every website and landing pages design process with the goal of converting visitors into customers.  We start by gaining a keen understanding of your conversion goals as well as performing an in-depth analysis of your current analytics.  Then we apply our findings and use best practices to design pages that are set up to perform!

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Our Team

Our Website Development Department is led by our Web Dev Director, Sean Klope, our Lead Developer, Cortney Ray, and our Creative and Usability Director, Giancarlo Loverde. We also have a team of in-house developers and designers with a vast array of skills and experience.

SEO Website Development

Internet Marketing Inc. is also a leading Search Engine Optimization agency, so you can be confident that we are following all SEO best practices and constructing search engine friendly platforms that will be visible in the SERPs. It does not stop with the “you build it and they will come” theory. IMI builds it, then we SEO it, then they will come!

Website Development Languages

  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • FLEX
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • ColdFusion

Glossary of Website Design & Development Terms

Below is a link to commonly used website development terms and their definitions.

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Our Project Management Approach

Approach – Maintaining both a short-term and long-term vision of how Internet Marketing Inc. can serve the needs of the client is critical to the project’s success. Our team will contribute to both of these goals by adhering to an approach that is client driven and ensures execution of high-quality work within the specified timeframes. Internet Marketing Inc.’s project management approach ensures the accuracy and validity of deliverables, helps limit risk and facilitates effective communication.

Client Involvement – Client involvement is critical throughout the course of the project, particularly in the process of requirements gathering and initial analysis. Internet Marketing Inc.’s Account Managers and Project Managers will communicate regularly with the client to ensure that the project stays in scope and meets specified milestones.

Team Collaboration – The team’s organizational structure and communications procedures will hold individuals accountable for the success of specific tasks assigned to them while explaining the implications of each task on other parts of the project. The project management approach will include mechanisms to ensure that extensive intra-team communication and coordination of responsibilities occurs and contributes towards the success of the project.

The Process

Functional Specifications Document (FSD) – We start with a research and planning. We look at the market, check out competition, solidify goals and delineate project requirements. The result of this discovery process is a Functional Specifications Document that acts as a detailed blueprint for the entire project. Exact services rendered during the research phase may vary based upon the goals of a specific client. Clients will be fully involved in this process and we will collectively agree upon the final scope, timeline, functional specifications, and creative direction.

Site Architecture – During the site architecture stage, we will work on determining how our agreed upon strategies for online success will be integrated into the new site. Services rendered in this phase may include the following: Creating the high-level organization structure of the new site (sitemap); Mapping out pages, content, functionality, and page requirements (wireframes); Building an SEO strategy with specific landing pages (if part of campaign).

Design and Usability – During the graphic design phase, we create the concepts and aesthetics that will bring your brand to the web, while complimenting traditional marketing. Services rendered in the graphic design phase may include the following: Performing a deep analysis of brand identity and overall company marketing; Building visual concepts, selecting overall look and feel, and functionality; Iterate design concepts and continue to optimize until the client is satisfied with final design mocks and relinquishes approval; Apply final visual concept throughout website.

Development, QA, and Launch – During Phase IV, our expert development teams physically build your new website according to the Functional Specifications Document (FSD). Services rendered in the website development phase may include: Copywriting, image development, graphic location, content development, and SEO structuring and implementation; Building the backend of the site, such as programming of all custom functionality features, integration and customization of the Content Management System (CMS), and set up and integration of any 3rd party web solutions as needed; Develop frontend, visible web pages, combine website frontend and backend; Customize and implement web analytics based upon agreed metrics; QA entire website, seek final client approval, train your team and launch the website.

Continuous Optimization – After implementing the new site, we will work with your team to create and enact an ongoing website maintenance and future marketing strategy. Services rendered after the launch of the website may include: Website management, maintenance, support and hosting assistance; Creation and management of future Internet marketing strategies based upon the company’s business plan and marketing goals; Design, build, and implement ongoing web marketing efforts.

Website Development Pricing

Each project is unique and pricing is based on project scope. Project quotes provided after initial discovery are subject to change based on the final Functional Specifications Document (FSD) provided. Our minimum price for full design and development is $15,000.


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