Couple Resorts Facebook Sweepstakes Case Study


Couples Resorts engaged Internet Marketing Inc. to direct the engagement and grow their Social Media efforts.


Couples Resorts is comprised of four all-inclusive Jamaican properties in the beautiful Caribbean.  Relatively new to the online marketing space, they elicited the help of Internet Marketing Inc. to take them to the next level through SEO, PPC, Display, and more specifically in this case study, Social Media.


Couples Resorts social media accounts lacked a centralized branding. Additionally, a lack of recent usage of their social media channels left their followers unengaged. The goal of the sweepstakes was to engage current brand advocates (past and future guests) via the email database, and encourage them to continue the conversation year-round on the Facebook page, where users can engage with the brand on a continual basis.


Create a robust social media presence that captures new and past guests to the resorts, and cultivates passionate brand advocates via social channels. Internet Marketing Inc, a campaign ROI based agency wanted to tie revenue to this group of influencers. More specifically, we wanted to create a social sweepstakes that grew the Facebook “likes” on the company page and track sales from the social channel.

Utilizing Couples large pre-existing email database (over 160,000), we started by leveraging this marketing channel to drive past guests to become Facebook fans.  We sent the below email to the Couples database, and we had the following results:

Number sent: 160,162
Date and time: December 8, 2011 at 4:30am PST
Open rate: 16%
Click through rate: 5%


When users clicked the email image, they were directed to the Facebook landing tab, where they found clear instructions on how to enter the sweepstakes to win four free nights at one of the resorts, Couples Tower Isle.  Because we leveraged existing “fans” of the resorts, we were hoping that the transition from email correspondence to social media would be a smooth one.


Within six short hours of sending out the email, Couples Resorts went from 4,800 “likes” to 10,000!  Click here to watch the video of Couples VP of Marketing and Sales and Chief Romance Officer, Randy Russell celebrate the incredible milestone.

After the sweepstakes was over, Couples Resorts had reached 18,500 “likes” and had added 8,339 email addresses from the sweepstakes tab.  With this new email segment, Couples is now able to target a specific Social Media group of users that they know are brand enthusiasts and social influencers.

In addition, Couples Resorts social media revenue increased by 30% during the month of the sweepstakes over the prior month.

IMI helped grow reach and customer engagement levels since social media takeover on November 1st:


Additionally, fan engagement and reaction during the sweepstakes peaked as new and returning fans spoke out publically. Many voiced their enjoyment of the resort properties:



Lessons Learned:

  • Leverage current database of traditional marketing segments whenever possible to increase engagement on social channels
  • Create a compelling offer and incentive to “like” the page
  • Keep the process and call-to-action simple to maximize open and click through rates
  • Before, during, and after the sweepstakes, page content is increasingly important.  Post good, topical content that will engage users to maximize new user retention and minimize sweepstakes drop off


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