About Phong Chieng

Phong Chieng, Director of SEO Insights & Optimization

Phong Chieng has been in the SEO industry since 2006, providing strategic services and day-to-day support to multiple clients and stakeholders within Fortune 500 and Internet 100 companies including: BlackBerry, IBM, Samsung, State Farm and Wells Fargo. He is well versed within all facets of SEO including: on and off-page optimization, technical implementation, and content marketing strategies. Phong utilizes analytics insights to form SEO strategies that align web visibility and search intent to optimize user engagement and online conversions. With a degree in Cognitive Science and specialization in Human Computer Interaction from UCSD, he provides a well-rounded SEO strategy that incorporates user-behavior and usability within a search campaign.

As Director of SEO Insights & Optimization at Internet Marketing Inc., Phong is responsible for managing SEO resources for all clients, collaborating with multiple departments within the agency, developing innovative SEO strategies and deliverables while maintaining close relationships with external partners. The goal is to create scalable and efficient processes while delivering continuous results in a very dynamic SEO industry.