About Becca James

Becca James, Director of Insights & Strategy

Becca James is the Director of Insights and Strategy at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI). Becca has extensive experience working on brands of all sizes and diverse verticals, and understands how to execute upon strategy to get award-winning results. Based on her love of helping others, she has spoken at various digital marketing engagements such as Content Marketing Conference and Social Media Week Los Angeles to train attendees on how to define and reach success within disciplines such as content creation and data-driven marketing strategy. Becca believes in building connections between a brand and consumer that are rooted in understanding. Therefore, she enjoys uncovering the desires of an audience to help craft a mutually meaningful relationship, providing long-lasting satisfaction. You can follow Becca on Twitter @beejaysays or contact her directly: becca@internetmarketinginc.com.